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Best Workout For Weight Loss?

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The best way to lose weight is exercise daily.Ayurveda treatment is also effective to weight loss.We provide ayurvedic treatment in India.

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Yoga and running are the best workout exercises for weight loss. Yoga can help with weight loss permanently, but it depends on the exercises of yoga you are doing and more aware of what you are eating. But it will take time and you have to maintain your patience before getting results.
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Resistance training and diet will give you amazing results! Weightlifting and a well balanced diet is an unstoppable duo. Iím accepting clients right now. Check out my Instagram page Derekshepellfitness for tips on diet and building muscle and weight loss!
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Truth is there's not a best workout persay, however, its anaerobic exercises over aerobic exercises that are known to lose more weight. This is because aerobic exercises, such as running, tend to only burn calories when the exercise itself is being performed vs anaerobic exercise, such as weightlifting, will burn calories for potentially days after the exercise is performed.
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Default Power 90 Works Good

I have used the Power 90 by Southbeach before and it worked great. Starts you out with power yoga to nice and loose. Every other day you alternate between cardio and lifting weights. They call it a 90 day bootcamp.

I hope this helps.
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Daily exercise is best way to lose weight.Ayurveda is also beneficial for lose weight.
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Default Weight lose workout

Originally Posted by RoyParker11
What kind of work out is best for rapid weight loss? Is it gym, yoga, swimming, running, skipping or something else?
Hello RoyParker, All workout is good but if you lose weight fastly so you do workout Kettlebell Swings, Plank, Jumping Jacks, Skipping, Cross -Trainer, Mountain Climbers, Squats, Jump Rope. I sure your weight loss fastly.
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Default This is my opinion

Hello in my opinion itís better to begin with some meditation and yoga. That way you can get your mind and body strengthen progress to other forms of exercise with ease. So I believe yoga can definitely be a foundation to start with.
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The best workout to lose weight is running and exercise .With that you should follow routine diet.
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Running is going to be your best bet for a weight loss workout, especially running at an incline. The incline really helps you with burning more calories per minute. The other aspect of weight loss is monitoring your calorie intake and nutritional values. If you keep up your running exercises and monitor your diet, you will see weight loss results in no time.
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