Ten tips for losing weight

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Smile Ten tips for losing weight

Sleep regularly- Iím not going to tell you how many hours to sleep because needs vary from person to person. What you must do is get a sufficient amount of rest (however many hours that may be). When you donít get enough sleep you tend to crave high G.I carbs throughout the day, wrecking havoc on your diet.

Make a weight loss journal- Itís beneficial for you to document your weight loss progress. Your journal can include information like how you feel, the changes youíre noticing in your body, the level of fitness youíve attained, and your progress. Personally, having a weight loss journal kept me motivated.

Take before and after pictures- Try to takes pictures once a month. They help a lot in keeping you motivated. Looking back on the initial photos may be a little painful, but if thatís what it takes for you to stay in shape, so be it.

Donít expect light-speed weight loss-ď Rome wasnít built in a dayĒ . You didnít gain that spare tire in a day either. Be reasonable in making your weight loss goals. Make several small short-term weight loss goals. Losing 50 pounds sounds pretty hard to do , but if you break it down into 10 pound increments with even smaller goals in between youíll be on your way to meeting your long term goal.

Donít watch TV, or chit-chat on the phone while eating- These distractions make for excess calorie consumption. Youíre not paying attention to what youíre putting in your mouth. You want to eat slowly and purposefully, this way youíre aware of how much youíre eating.

Never give up , just because you messed up Ė So what if you binged on chocolate cheesecake today, that doesnít damn you for the rest of your life. Itís ok to fall short sometimes. Youíre not going to be perfect in your quest to lose weight. Remember that youíre losing weight for you, never give up on yourself. ďIf at first you donít succeed, you are running about average.Ē ~M.H. Alderson

*Optional* Add spicy food to your diet- capsaicin, the compound that makes your tongue burn, your forehead wet with sweat and your face red is an important factor in helping you lose weight. Capsaicin improves digestion, it can be found in a variety of peppers and spices.

Cut down sodium intake- not only does sodium increase your blood pressure it causes you to retain excess water weight. Lay off the salt to decrease bloating. Itís that simple.

Get rid of the ďfatĒ clothes- The clothes that no longer fit you due to your diminishing waist line shouldnít be welcome in your closet. Having them around may encourage reversion ( weight gain). Be a Good Samaritan and donate those clothes to a charity.

Try losing weight with a partner- It gets hard trying to get fit solo. Recruit a friend or family member to be your weight loss buddy. Having a partner increases your chances of reaching your goals. Youíll also have someone that you can share your experiences and advice with & vice versa.
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thanks for the tips i will put them into consideration
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I am going to use these tips tomorrow with my weigh-in group.
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I am not sure if this is the kind of thing that you are looking for but this is what has helped me. It has diet plans, etc. It's a website. This is 100% free. You put in how much you are trying to lose, and by when and it will tell you how many calories you would have to eat per day.

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Most important rule of all - drink lots of water. People are often thinking they are hungry but in fact they are thirsty.
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Weight lose tips:
Drink plenty of water.
Limit your sugar intake.
Eat fresh fruit instead of drinking fruit juice.
Choose a variety of foods from all food groups every day.
Boil your vegetables instead of cooking them.


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