Need to lose weight

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Now and then when you don't have anything to eat and you have a craving for boosting your vitality you depend on sugar, espresso and tea. Try not to do that since they truly influence you to put on some weight as they abandon you with enormous desires. Eat common nourishment instead of depending on caffeine for jolt of energy.
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Thereafter, start with mild workout routines, and slowly lower your carb consumption. Your goal is to reduce your fat deposits and you can simplest utilize that fats once the you do any form of Anaerobic workout routines. those are normally severe workout routines which you need to prepare your body thoroughly for.
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Just search for a solution. Hope you'll get the way.
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First of all have control on your diabetes....take a walk of half an hour and do some yoga postures

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Smile Information about weight loss

For weight lose,Ihave some ayurveda treatments so just follw it You will definatly get some result
Obesity means our body mass index BMI is more than 27. Excessive accumulation of fat in the body causes obesity. In a day we consume near about 1600-2000 calories and only 1000-1200 calories utilization done by yourself means near about 600-800 calories remain in the body. this leads to excess deposition of fat in the body and causes obesity.

Increased body fat put the person at risk of critical diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, liver diseases arthritis and much more

Diet and lifestyle-

-Avoid high carbohydrates like potato, polished, rice.

Increase intake of fruits and salads
avoid oily and spicy foods drink of lukewarm water with lime
Use of powdered cum seeds, coriander leaves salt and ginger powder with outer milk should be recommended.





Surya Namaskar

Helps in losing extra fat. This is more effective if performed with Pranayam and kapalbharti. Brisk walk of 30 min in morning helps in burning of excessive fat of the body.

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You need to set first your diet plan and then need to do few exercises, Do morning walk if possible and prefer Luke warm water in your daily routine. What is your blood sugar range? Blood sugar levels allows you what, when and how much you eat, as well as how effectively your body produces and uses insulin.
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You should exercise daily and follow diet routine. And take some ayurveda medicine to maintain weight. There are so many treatment in Ayurveda to lose weight.
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