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Everyone who has posted in this thread has done so good and some great pointers. I've lost a lot of weight several times and put it right back on. I'm with you folks, don't wanna go back to where I was. I think the thing I need to do this time is stay with my diet and exercise journal. It seems to help me walk the line better than anything Ive done before.
Hope everyone has a great holiday,
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Every now and then I cant stop my joy, my enthusiasm boil over, I try to rein myself in, but then I see my fat self. I see myself logging on here for the first time. 5'1 207 pounds. I see the mountain I had to climb. or so I thought.

It wasn't a mountain, more a downhill ski. Once I got my head right, it all feel into place. And it was easy. Once I got my head round it, it was sooooooo easy. I suppose it comes down to priorites, [email protected]
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I don't remember where I heard it, but there's a quote that goes Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. There's always room for improvement, but there's gotta be a balance too. Being comfortable in your own skin is the best gift to give yourself.

I'm 13 months in myself, and you're right on the money. It's so nice to be able to wear what you WANT to wear, instead of what you HAVE to wear to hide the jiggly bits
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I'm getting ready for my husband's Christmas party as we speak. I'm not even halfway to my goal yet, but I'm far enough into it that I'm actually excited to go this year - unlike last year. Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories. They are very inspiring. I'm planning on eating light tonight and dancing like crazy to get my cardio in. But, most importantly, I'm planning on having a good time (which will be a new thing). lol
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Originally Posted by gallusgal View Post
This is a post in the weight loss thread, which is kind of unusual for me. It's getting towards my 'anniversary' and, having to attend my works Chritmas night out has really made me think.

This time last year, I DREADED such an occasion. I didn't know what to wear, resorted to big, black shapeless clothes. Not this year. This is not about boasting about how well I have done; this is about sharing how you really CAN achieve your goals. You have to have that initial motivation to decide, it's not a 'diet' it's what I want and deserve for myself. Diets are designed to fail, taking responsibility for your own health and happiness is not. My handy hints:

1. Look at EVERYTHING you eat on a daily basis.

2. Check your weight, height, measurements.

3. Seriously, look at the health implications.

4. Make a stand, (or alternatively have a cheeseburger while you think about it....we all know where that leads!)

5. Go for it! Exercise when you can, how you can. You don't have to become a marathon runner, just move around a bit!

6. Stop messing about, just get on board. The last eleven months (and they flew by!) have made an enormous difference in my life, I had my own motivation, find yours. And work hard for it.

I am almost at my goal. This time next year, as impossible as it may seem right now, you could be too. I am so thankful for this site, the help, support and just being able to log everything daily.

Please, please, make the most of it and find it in you not to just 'diet' but to change your whole approach to food, fitness, and health.

Best of luck to all, old and new xxxxxxxxxx

Hey Gallusgall ~ I just wanted to say THANKS for the pep talk. I have a long way to go, but I had one of those "clicks" where willingness, awareness, and belief I really can do it all came together. I'm through messing around. My next step will be a trip to TheScooterStore.com. Can't go there. Have to do this. Anyway, thanks. Much appreciated.
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