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The Official Unisex 100+ Pounds to Lose Thread

Old 11-01-2012, 12:37 PM
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So I have managed to break my ankle in 3 places!! This has really slowed down my weight loss. I have only managed -2lbs since my last post 3 weeks ago!. I am really annoyed at the timing of this. I am still sticking to my diet and have reduced my intake to 1200 calories as I cannot move about at all at the moment and still only getting -2lbs is really demotivating. Hopefully next weigh-in will see big improvements :-(

Start Weight August 2012 237lbs

Current Weight Nov 2012 210lbs

My 5% & 10% Goals

5% goal is 14 st. 4 lbs. (200lbs)

10% goal is 13 st. 7 lbs. (189lbs)
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Hi, everyone. It's encouraging to read about the success so many of you are having! I started back in February and went strong for about 6 months. I lost 50 lbs! But then due to some circumstances that would probably bore you I really fell off track. I stopped eating right, logging, weighing, measuring, etc. and gained 11 lbs back over the next 2 months. Since I restarted last week I have re-lost 2.6 lbs. So I'm back at it, and I need to lose a total of about 140 lbs. It seems so daunting! I try to tackle it in small mini goals, like so many of you also do. It makes things seem much more attainable when you look at smaller numbers. Right now I'm focusing on re-losing the rest of that 11 lbs I gained. I also joined the women's weekly motivational thread, which has really helped. I am following the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association and my nutritionist, and it seems to be really working for me.

Again, congrats to you who have already lost so much...keep going! You're such an inspiration!
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Old 11-10-2012, 06:12 PM
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Default Congrats everyone!

Hey everyone! First of all congratulations in changing your lives. I too am on the path of weightloss, weighing over 280 and currently at 246. I started a blog about my journey so far and will continue to update it! If you have a spare minute please come check it out! My Big Fat Blog Thanks and happy weight loss!!!
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04/08/2011 445lbs Starting weight, 5'10", 37 years old

05/08/2011 420lbs -20lbs

06/08/2011 396lbs -24lbs

07/08/2011 376lbs -20lbs

08/09/2011 358lbs -18lbs

09/09/2011 340lbs -18lbs

10/07/2011 324lbs -16lbs

11/10/2011 307lbs -17lbs

12/01/2011 299lbs -8lbs

01/01/2012 286lbs -13lbs

02/05/2012 273lbs -13lbs

03/08/2012 263lbs -10lbs

04/08/2012 255lbs -8lbs 1 YEAR ANNiVERSARY TOTAL LOST 190lbs !!!

05/08/2012 248lbs -7lbs

06/08/2012 241lbs -7lbs

07/08/2012 233lbs -8lbs

08/08/2012 227.5lbs -5.5lbs

09/08/2012 225.5lbs -2lbs

10/08/2012 218lbs -7.5lbs

11/08/2012 213lbs -5lbs now in 36in waist jeans from 62in, and was wearing 5xl shirts, now L and sometimes XL, 5 more months until 2 year anniversary, never did i think i would get this far....its kinda surreal but interesting....until December ..
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Default Top Secrets to Achieve Weight Loss and Lose Fat Fast

When it comes to losing weight there seems to always be a new workout program or certain type of training coming to the rescue. Often times these are simply new marketing campaigns to entice untrained individuals to overpay for something that is achievable at a much lesser cost. Still though, if you look hard enough you can find some good types of training programs in order to achieve optimal weight loss.

The best way to lose weight is subjective to each individual person but if you apply the best program to suit your needs then you will be ahead of the pack. Lets discuss some popular training techniques that will help in losing fat fast.

Types of training methodologies:


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Cool What Is Mitochondria - Yes, You Read Right

You can read up on this at LINK REMOVED. There are three articles there to show you what I mean and how this can aid in weight loss. Not only weight loss, but help you keep it off much more effortlessly because you loose the cravings. Your body needs to be at the right chemistry for it to function normally. This helped me. As soon as I stop I start craving or feeling weird and not normal and free. Hope you enjoy reading and LOL.

Best regards,

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Just joined today. Looking forward to changing my life and finally being healthy.

12/14/12 - 238 lb
Goal Weight - 145 lb
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Originally Posted by whispergrass View Post
Just joined today. Looking forward to changing my life and finally being healthy.

12/14/12 - 238 lb
Goal Weight - 145 lb
good will have lots of support here
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Default Over A Hundred To Lose

This is my first day on Fitday, I am looking for articles and your experience to help me see a different perspective.I need to lose well over 100 lbs I am 340lbs now. Since I have osteoporosis so bad any exercise will be difficult at first.I already tracked my calories for today.
Can you tell me what eating plan you followed? Did you go by calories,carbs or lowfat,no fat or sugars? My experience with Atkins was good I had lost over 60lbs until I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer resulting in a total hysterectomy and the weight I lost plus more has piled on.I could do nothing for over a year,I live in pain,fibromyalgia and now malignant melanoma. Despite all my challenges I still want to lose this weight and its not want to- its need to,my blood pressure is off the charts and if I dont lose it I will either die from a heart attack of eventually of cancer but I need to do this and looking for encouragement to not give up.
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i use the basis of zone diet, 40 / 30 / 30, all percentages, of carb / proteins / fats on average....
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