Question for the Maintainers out there...

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Default Question for the Maintainers out there...

I've been in the "healthy" weight range for about a year and have also hit some personal weight goals 160 & 155, but I can't seem to keep my weight from roller coastering.
It's really frustrating and I'm trying to keep it within 155 to 160lbs but lately it's been 160-164.
I know it boils down to discipline, calorie restriction, calories burnt which I run 10-12 miles a week and lift at the gym 3x a week, but I can't seem to keep my weight in a consistent zone.
Maybe it's the change in the season and I'm not as active after work hours, or I'm just pigging out a lil too much....I guess this is more of a vent than looking for answers kind of post.....

I do know that I need to up my protein levels and stop snacking on carby, low fat foods.
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Well, in my 46 years I've NEVER maintained a weight, BUT I would think a return to logging food/activities might be the answer. I think I will have to plan on doing this forever myself once I hit my goal (again).
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Congrats on hitting your goal!

I would try decreasing your calorie intake to see if that helps. If not maybe track your activities/food like mecompco suggested.
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I have been maintaining is tricky. Weight is subject to so many variables, it's definitely more of a seesaw than a constant, but there is something to be said for limiting the range of the variation. I've been back and forth enough to know my "comfort range" and if I get outside of that, I try to keep the calories under what I burn for a while (or, strange as it may sound, eat a bit more, if I go below my lower limit). It sounds like you already know what you need to do. Sometimes you'll be able to and sometimes you won't, but as long as you don't let it get too far, it's a fairly easy correction.

Congrats on your success so far, with the running and the weight and the body fat progress
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He has the most detailed activities log that I've ever seen. It's impressive. I was just looking at it, just the last few days and IMO the fat is a little high and protein is low. I didn't look at the foods but I did catch a glimpse of some heinie's (that didn't sound good). I don't know if the beer is doing it or not. I'd assume if it's a regular thing, it's not helping.
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