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PCOS will slow your weight loss down, but if your doctors truly are telling you don't bother you're wasting your time....find new doctors. The online calcutators probably won't hold true for you, but don't starve yourself either. In the meantime read up as much as you can about the condition from reputable sites affiliated with a well-known university or hospital. Avoid sites that want to sell you some magic herbal tea the "medical establishment doesn't want you to know about". 2.5 lbs lost in a week is a pretty good number, actually, so don't kick yourself because it isn't going fast enough. A loss is a loss.

I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, but it sounds like you've made a good start. Wii Fit and walking daily is excellent. Throw in some hand weights or a couple bottles of water in your hands on those walks when you're able. Getting the dog on board will help you too, because puppy will learn the routine and push you to stick with it. If fresh fruits and veggies aren't an option, maybe you could go frozen or low sodium canned. Dried beans, lentils, etc will get you some good fiber and vitamins and will keep well. Maybe you could bake your own bread? Or if it's warm enough where you are, start a garden and make your own canned/frozen produce. It's never easy but you can do it. I'm a big fan of making it a lifestyle change and not a diet, because if you stick with some unrealistic plan to fit into that dress...what happens after the wedding?
If I keep starting over, eventually it will stick, right?

Starting weight:182
Current weight: 140
Goal weight: 135
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Default I Have PCOS

Hey there. I have PCOS and I have never heard from any doctor that I shouldn't lose weight. I weigh 279 lbs right now and when I started my dieting I lost almost 5 lbs in one week so I know it is definitely possible to lose weight just as easily as others without the syndrome. When I was trying to conceive my first child I went to a fertility doctor and he told me that if I lost weight it would be easier for me to conceive because my hormones would start working again on their own. I took medicine to have my first but my second one happened naturally after I lost about 25 lbs. So don't let your doctors tell you not to even try losing weight. That makes little sense to me. They would just rather you be unhealthy for the rest of your life? Definitely talk with another doctor.

Also about the amount of calories burned in an exercise session, unless you are sprinting for over an hour I don't understand how you could burn 900 calories in one session of exercise. I use the elliptical at the gym everyday and I burn about 340 calories in 30 minutes so in my opinion the calculator was just about right. If you biked or did the treadmill just walking briskly you would probably only burn around 160 to 200 calories in a session.
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Default Also wanted to add

I also wanted to add that at the weight you are currently at it would make sense that you are allowed a higher amount of calories. Your body was used to a much higher amount of calories before so to lose weight you would still be allotted a higher number of calories than someone who was smaller and more physically fit. As you get smaller then your calorie intake will become less and less until you get to your idea weight goal. Once that happens then you would eat however many calories needed to maintain your weight based on your goal weight.
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