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Default Almost there!

I was reflecting this morning back to when I first joined fitday, January this year. I shamefacedly admitted to weighing 203 lbs (in actual fact when I switched to my digital scales a few weeks later I discovered my old ones were 4-5lbs out and I was more likely 207!) I was busting out of my size 20 fat pants, and feeling utterly miserable and despondent.

I felt as though I had a mountain to climb, but coming here really helped me. I didn’t do a diet or join a club; I just decided to really look at what I was eating and track my food intake carefully on here. I took a long hard look at myself and decided to make the change. Reading the incredible success stories here was very motivational and so was sharing with people in the same boat as me.

They key for me was cutting out processed and white foods. I used to eat so much bread and rubbish! I started to plan and prepare my food intake for the day rather than ‘grabbing something’. I never used to drink enough water either, now I always have a bottle to hand. I exercised more, and just changed my mindset I guess. My ‘reward’ system changed from food rewards to results rewards (and when the compliments started coming my way, well that was the biggest reward!)

This morning, just over 9 months on, I am 146lbs. Another twelve pounds and I will be in the healthy weight range for my height, and another 8 after that I will have reached my target weight. I should achieve that by Christmas (the last few pounds are always the hardest, so I am told!) It was seeing myself in last years Christmas pics that finally made me see that I had to do something, so it will be ultra satisfying to reach target weight by then!

I am going to see how I feel when I reach target, if I’m happy, I’ll maintain, if not maybe try for another few.

I guess I am posting this for people like me, coming here for the first time and feeling alone, slighty depressed, and as though you are facing an impossible challenge. Maybe reading this and wondering...I could never do that, could I?

The answer is, yes, you can…if I can, anyone can! Good luck to all of you! xxx

(oh, and take progress pics, I really regret not doing that!)
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Congrats on the fine progress. FitDay is really the way to go. Having used it 7-8 years ago to lose 200 lbs, I will add that it might be a good idea to continue using it even after hitting goal. I failed to do that and here I am, back at it again (sigh!)--old habits can sneak back so easily--I plan to log everything I eat on Fitday pretty much forever.
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Wow. Congratulations. Keep posting it helps us to read and know it can be done! You will make your Christmas goal for sure. Happy Dance for sure.
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Thank you for your motivational story and CONGRATULATIONS on your success!!!!!
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Amazing...thank you so much for sharing your story. It is very inspiring.
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Thumbs up

Way to go! Thx for sharing your story.
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Congratulations honey, you're going to make it, I can tell. I could have written nearly that same post, with a few minor change. You are so right that a lot of weight issues revolve around things we think of as minor, like the water and the white foods.
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Congratulations!!! Feels good, doesn't it? To everyone just starting out, she's right you CAN do it!!! Just being aware of what we're eating makes such a huge difference, and the diet and exercise begin to feed off one another after a while. Bikini bodies here we come
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Congratulations! Great post! Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks guys, so happy to have found this site when I really needed it, I will continue to use it for maintenance when I reach my target (notice I said 'when' not 'if'!) Here's to targets, bikinis and a healthier and happier lifestyle!
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