Not losing any weight - Help

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Default Not losing any weight - Help

I am stuck and not losing any more weight. I lost 7 lbs the first week, and nothing since. Finishing up my third week. Not really losing inches either. My one fault is fast food (cheeseburgers with no bun - hardees and wendys). They say they are only 5 carbs, but not sure. What am I doing wrong or is that the problem. I just want to see 1 lb a week coming off. Something. I have heard to excercise and not to exercise. Really need to do this...
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If there is any way possible for you to cut out the fast food, that'd be a great start. I stopped eating fast food over a year ago, and without exercise, I dropped about 30 pounds from my highest weight (295). It's just not good for you.

If you need convenience, you can always go for healthier options... even a Subway salad or 6" sub (light sub) would be better.

Are you drinking plenty of water?

Exercise really does make a difference. It doesn't have to be a lot, especially if you haven't been doing any at all... just a little movement every day. Walking seems to be the easiest thing, and costs nothing. I started out for five minutes a day, and have tried to build up from there.

If you're not used to it, it may seem like a great deal of effort to get going, but reinforce yourself with positive thoughts. You will look and feel so much better. You'll be more flexible. You'll breathe easier. It just takes time.

Don't give up. 3 weeks may feel like forever, but it's just the beginning for you. Don't pressure yourself to lose it too fast... just keep repeating healthy behaviors and they will add up to success!

Best wishes,
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Some more information please. Height, weight, age? How many calories are you taking in and what is your Base Metabolic Rate (BMR)? 7 pounds in a week is a great start but you may have fone too fast too soon. If you maintain a caloric deficit of more than 1000 calories a day you risk your body going into starvation mode. (This is not a hard rule as and you need to find what works for you.) Especially if you have been overweight for some time, your body wants to maintain its current state, and so it slows down your metabolism to preserve itself. You need to acheive a 500 to 1000 calorie deficit each day. (BMR + Exercise - Food Intake = Calorie Deficit). This will result in a 1 to 2 pound weight loss per week.

Definenitely keep on exercising. When you diet without exercise 50 -70% of your weight loss will come from muscle instead of fat. As you lose muscle the amount of energy your body burns at rest is reduced. So you want to maintain as much muscle as possible. Exercise helps as does adequate protein intake. Try to get .5 to 1.0gram of protein per pound of lean body weight.

If you are willing to share some more info there is alot of good advice available. Good luck.
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Like the others above me, the fast food should just go. I take it you are trying to do low carb, but that doesn't mean you eat anything with low carbs... You still need to track your calories. I would Google "BMR" and use the formula to calculate yours, be honest with yourself when doing so. And most important of all, be vigilant, disciplined and patient.
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I try to cut out as much fast food as possible. Figuring I was eating out everyday with cheeseburgers, fries and coke, now about 2-3 cheeseburgers a week and thats it. I would have thought that would have made some difference. It's hard now, but once the kids go back to school, hopefully we can all start packing our lunch !!! I have started exercising again on my glider at least. I sit all day in front of a computer and all night too (school online).

Thanks for the advice. Good luck to you !!!!
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One year ago i was in the same boat. I spent a month or more eating 'better' with only a bit of fast food and smaller portions. When i gained 3 pounds after a month and a half i knew something had to give. November 20 last year i quit fast food and withing the next month also quit any processesed food to eat. I started losing weight like crazy and now i am down 90 pounds almost. It's about what you want and what you need to do to get there. I was more concerned about eating healthy and now i have no cravings for any of that stuff they call food there!
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Being a woman, when I lose depends greatly on that time of the month (sorry if that's TMI for the fellas). When "aunt flo" is in town, that scale won't go down for anything. The week after she leaves, I'll lose 2-4 pounds, the next week 1 or 2, and then the scale won't move again til her next visit. So month to month I've had a steady loss, but week to week....forget it. If aunt flo likes to mess with you too, all that salt in fast foods is not going to be your friend.
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It sounds like your routine of eating cheeseburgers from FF restaurants has become a habit. These cheeseburgers are fat bombs. Check out the nutritional info located on the company websites. I know habits are hard to break and we all have them which is why we are here. If you try writing everything down and enter your intake in FitDay you may find the answer to why your weight isn't dropping. You need calories to burn calories, so make sure you are getting enough of healthy food. Also try substituting your FF habit with a healthy one. If you can't resist the drive through, take a different route. If you're boared, go to the library. Plan your meals ahead of time, spaced out through the day so you can control your cravings. If you can't control your intake, then you'll need to step up your exercise. We all know how hard that is!! It's your choice and it's your choices that are keeping you from your goal.
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Default Some tips

You should definitely exercise. If you are consuming calories, but not expending them, then no matter what you cut out of your diet, you will not lose weight. It's fine to do a low carb diet if that is what you would like to try, however you did need to watch your caloric intake as well. If you are bringing in more calories then your body needs, and not burning them up, they will be stored as fat. Also, if you are not getting ENOUGH calories, your body will store the ones you do take in as fat for your body to basically hibernate on. So if you are doing the low carb diet for reasons such as your diet is mainly carb and vegetable based to begin with and you need more protein in your diet, then by all means please continue. However, if poor eating and life style habits are the culprit (as they are with me) perhaps another life style change concerning food and exercise would suit you better. I personally count calories. I have a website where you can engage in weight loss challenges that also provides health and nutrition tips for weight loss. The Skinny Home - The Skinny
Also, DO drink 3 glasses of low fat milk a day (8 oz each, of course) and drink as much water as is humanly possible. The water will literally be like a toxin flush to your body. You will spend a lot of your time in the bathroom, but that is a GOOD thing. You are flushing out toxins and garbage your body doesn't need. Also, a tip a personal trainer gave me once: drinking ICE cold water burns calories because your metabolism has to expend calories to warm the water up before you process it.

Hope that helps!
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Fast food is simply not good. I eat and cook everything from scratch--- from fresh. The most important thing I did was buy a food scale. I weigh everything I eat.... Not one bite passes my lips that is not weighed and logged on FitDay daily.

I eat very much as I did before, but leave off the condiments, sauces and extras. I seldom eat cheese anymore and used to be a cheeseaholic... It was neat since cheese has NO carbs--- HOWEVER, I was appalled to learn my favorite Cheddar has 120 calories per oz!!! Do you know how small an oz is?

I eat 1200 or less calories per day. Since May, I have lost 33.6 pounds and this rate of weight loss for me is stupendous.

All meats are steamed, baked, grilled or Pam stir fried-- so no extra fats are added. I eat mostly fish and chicken breast. I bought a fish and veggie steamer--- and steam my veggies.. and also steam fish and chicken breast. I like my beef cooked otherwise, as want it browned..not all grey and ugly looking.

I eat NO "whites". No flour, pasta, potatoes, rice, corn, bread, biscuits etc. I do eat a slice of 12 grain dry toasted for breakfast every day. I eat meats, fresh veggies and fruit. I love a fruit salad with lettuce, cantaloupe, green onion, avocado, jicama, red or green grapes, etc. in it... How Tasty!!

You can keep up with your BMI, foods, weight, activities, how many calories eating and how many used up by your body--- all on FitDay. I always use far more calories than I eat.

I wish you luck and I'm rooting for you!!!

Keep on working on it..

Happy Day!!
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