New to the new lifestyle!!

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Default New to the new lifestyle!!

Hey guys,

I was just doing some research on dieting and the "how-to's" and came accross this fitday that just seems so perfect. I was also contemplating Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, but I knew their system was all about calorie intake and balanced diets, but way overcharged on food.

Anyway in 2007, after avoiding the weighing scale for so long, I finally did with some buddies at the gym and it read 295lbs. I was in shock because I knew I was heavy, but didn't think I was THAT heavy. I went on a diet and played a lot more basketball when I found out my weight. I lost about 60 lbs in about 6-8 months time. I wasnt really keeping track, it was just a complete change of lifestyle, but I plateued and just couldnt get past 230lbs.

My wifey got pregnant in 08 and I just kinda let it go a bit. After my daughter was born, I completely let it go. I went back to 270lbs but I fluctuate at around 265lbs!!!

Age: 28
Height: 5'11
Weight: 265
Goal: 200lbs (first small goal is 230)

Currently I'm eating about 1500 calories a day and I'm trying to get a high protein and fiber diet. I play basketball about twice a week, but I sit at a desk all day. And then go home and it's daddy and wifey time. Pretty hard to be as active as I once was.

Any suggestions guys?
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Hey rawnoyz, I never used one of these but a women in my office got one and then another women and anther,,,you get the idea. They all started lookin good and the next thing we new....guys where sneaking over to their desks when they went to lunch and were peddling away for 1/2hr. Girls got mad and most of the guys got their own Don't know the overall outcome, but, if your stuck at a desk be inventive,,,no need to stop moving something, by the way the music in the office improved significantly.[/URL]
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I'm the mother of 3 girls and I've found the best way to balance family and fitness is to mix the two. How about giving wifey a break from the little darling and taking baby girl on some looonnnggg walks, rides, play time at the park etc etc? What's good for the gander is mighty for the rest of the flock... A good jog stroller is a great investment or one of those baby back packers, especially if you compare it to the cost of a gym membership.

My honey likes to take the girls for a little spin around the park. All of them are old enough to pedal their own bikes now, but he's been doing it since they were all little tiny tots and had to ride in a kiddie seat behind him. Lately they've been rollerblading, which is pretty hilarious, but we've been going through a lot more band aids.... Also you might look around for a pool, little tots love the water and now is a really good time to start swimming lessons. Swimming is a great calorie burner even if you're just goofing off, because your body burns extra cals just trying to stay warm. Our youngest just turned 4 and swims like a fish, but she's been in the water routinely since she was 3 weeks old.

Granted you might not necessarily get the same burn in a workout with kids that you could get on your own, but still it's physical activity and it's raising your children with the right sort of fitness habits.
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