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Yes, you can do it.

My friend and I started CrossFit together in mid March (3x per week and he would do 1 private session that mostly worked on his flexibility and some basic movements ie. squats). As of this saturday he has lost 59 lbs.

2 months ago we started eating Primal (Primal Blueprint (www.marksdailyapple)) and haven't looked back. He has about 60 more to go, but there is no question in my mind that he will get below the 200 lb mark within a year. NONE.

I had possibly 10lbs (started at about 148lbs) to shed and am leaning out and getting stronger. EVERY DAY after our first few weeks of crossfit we were both dead tired so it isn't just the chubbies that get sore!

Now that we are getting stronger and eating healthier our recovery is that much better, but there are still days when a body part is sore or feels tired. That is part of the fun of the workout!

Accept the soreness, embrace the soreness because it is good pain and you will be better for it.

There is a Crossfit t-shirt that says: "that isn't sweat, it is my body crying". It is painful and hard for everyone, but nothing worth doing comes easy.
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I don't know what shape you are in, but did your trainer not take it easy on you the first day? Get you used to lifting weights? Doing cardio? If you are out of shape, going at it full force is not a good thing. You will feel demoralized and in pain. If you go slow at first, you take the time to enjoy yourself. Yes, excercise can be fun. lol. Just go at your pace and when you feel healthy and strong enough, bring it up a notch or two. As the saying goes, it took you a while to put the weight on, it's going to take you a while to take it off. Just enjoy this new journey you have started and never give up.
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