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Default What devices aided in your success (i.e. Body bugg, heart rate monitor, etc)

I borrowed the so called body bugg to see what all the hoopla was about. It's definitely not convenient having this bulky thing on your arm all the time. Does anyone own one and has been using it? if so what do you think. For those that may be interested in a device that will accurately or close to accuracy calculate the calories you burn working out; check out MIO Watch - Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watches | The watch that knows your heart rate I have one of these and have had it for a while now..it's great but as with any fitness aid, you have to eat right for it to work! i wear it all the time because when it's not functioning as a heart rate monitor during my workouts, it's a great watch that I can use for work; it's way more convenient, and will cost you 1/3 the price of a body bugg.
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I use an Omron Walking Style pedometer. LOVE IT. I've used it very faithfully since Christmas morning, and have watched my daily steps go from 2,500ish to 15,000. It also has a watch on it, and because it's very small and in my pocket it works a lot better for my lifestyle than a wristwatch or a cell phone. I did hear about a device called the "fitbit" that you can clip to your bra or waistband and sync it with your computer or phone. It looks pretty interesting, but it's quite a bit more than my $20 pedometer, so for the moment I'm sticking with what I've got.
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i think fitday compared to body bugg is pretty accurate...which is awesome because body bugg cost money and fitday is free!
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Hello there. I have the body bugg...although I haven't been using it recently, but do plan to reactivate my membership in a payday or two. First for the bad stuff: the bugg does cost money...and this site doesn't, so is more appealing in that sense. And second, I have the older bugg, which from the ads I've seen for the new one, appears to be a little bulkier. After the first day I hardly notice it, but sometimes if I lean against something or lay down on the couch it might not be so comfy. Not a huge deal though. Now for the good: my results with the bugg seemed to be more accurate than manually keeping track (you still have to keep track of your food intake, but not the excercise). For example, when I do the treadmill I tend to vary my speed and incline, etc. So if I log what I do manually I may over- or underestimate (usually overestimate). On the other hand though, I would forget to add things that use up a little bit of calories on their own, like mowing the lawn or walking around the mall, etc. Now, if you are good about logging stuff like that, then still no need for the bugg, but I'm just not that great at it, I tend to exaggerate how great I am. ) I liked that I could check it often also and see how I was doing for the day. If I was doing good, maybe I could spare a few more calories for dinner. But if I was doing badly, then I knew I better eat light for dinner or make my evening workout a little tougher. It also keeps track of your steps. Pedometers do this too, but it was nice that it was built in to the thing I was already wearing. This ended up being a little competition between myself and coworkers when they had their bugg, and just for myself when it was just me. We would try to beat each other's step count for the day and I ended up doing laps throughout the building or parking lot just to try to beat them. A little silly maybe, but it got me moving. So, anyway, I am a big fan of the bugg. It helped keep me on track the whole time I used it and I really needed the extra help with that.
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heart rate monitor

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