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Default having a hard time

I have been on WW in the past and am use to eating a certain amount of points, not looking at what I ate, although I still ate pretty good. I am looking for something new as I stopped losing on WW. Fitday has my caloric intake at 1493. I never ate that much. I usually eat between 1100-1200. For the past 3 days I pushed myself to get to 1493ish.

Today I was up 2 pounds. What I am finding is I am eating some junk food to get in the calories. Also my fat/carbs/protein has all been pretty equal. I have been on fitday for a few weeks and havent lost. I figure its due to right amount of calories and %. I walk/power walk 3-6 miles/day every day and I will be starting step aerobics next week 3 times/wk. I have a desk job that gets me up occasionally. I currently weigh 173 and want to be 140 by 10/29/2010. I am determined to make this happen. I cant seem to get out of the 170's.

Should I focus on getting my calories or more concerned about the % of carbs/fat/protien? Probably both, but I think I will get defeated quicker if I have to figure out both.

If anyone can offer some help I would appreciate it. I have lost 25 pounds already and need to keep it going.
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I want to first say congrats on your weight loss so far. I first started losing weight with weight watchers and then gave it up as well. What I switched to was eating clean. I don't think I even focused on calories (although if you watch portions, your calories stay lower) and I know I didn't look at percentages (that came later for me). I followed the principles of clean-eating, and did resistance training/weight-lifting and cardio.

The basics of clean-eating are: eat more frequently (every 3 hours or so), eat whole foods and not processed foods (cut out simple carbs: sugar, white breads and rice, pre-packaged foods, etc.), have a lean protein (egg whites, chicken, turkey) and a carb with every meal (for me, my carbs were fruits, veggies, oatmeal, and brown rice), and eat only healthy fats (avacado, olive oil, nuts). I had a book that I read (Tosca Reno is the author) but I'm sure there is a lot on the internet. I know it is hard to cut out processed food but if you can get to that point you will see the pounds come off and you will feel good too.

I wish you luck. You are already on the right track!
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With all that exercise you need to be eating well for it to count. The other question I have is, are you getting enough water?
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Taking a good look at 'what' you eat is important. Even if your calories are low you need to be eating the right foods to get the nutrition your body requires. Take a good look at what you eat...and when you eat it? Are you truly accounting for all that you eat? When I used to work at an office job I found myself eating aimless while sitting at my desk. Often times I would think to myself...I have not eaten much today but in actual fact I had eaten all day long!

Even though you are power walking and working out the fact that you have a desk job means that a good part of your day you are sedentary. may not be buring as many calories as you think just b/c you are exercising. Try to get some movement in during the day while you are at work even if it means standing up a times an hour, taking the long way to the bathroom, doing the stairs (if you have access to any), parking in the back of the parking lot,etc.

Also, keep reminding yourself of what keeps you motivated! What sort of things do you see yourself doing once you lose the weight that you are not doing now?

Stay positive! You'll get there!

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I am drinking 8-10 glasses/day. I use the activity in fitday. I question the amount it states I burn for lifestyle but ppl on the board say its correct. My calories in are lower then burn, but the weight isnt moving.
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To lose 33lbs by 10/29/2010 you will need to lose apprx. 1.5lbs per week. This will require an average of 750 calorie deficit per day. So between diet and exercise you need to burn 750 calories less than your metabolic rate. I had to change the base calories that Fitday calculated for me. I work at a computer all day and had originally picked seated with some movement, but had to change activity to sedentary to be more realistic.

If you are having trouble getting your calories drink a protein shake made with whole milk or a protein bar instead of junk food.

I don't know if you mean your 'fat/carbs/protein has all been pretty equal' means that the percentages haven't changed much or that they are all around 33%. I assume that they have remained relatively the same because I doubt you can eat junk food and have carbs and fat below 35%.

I suggest you try to push (how many times have I posted this?) your protein intake to a minimum of 30% and reduce your simple carbohydrates intake. This will help you retain muscle that you would other wise lose from dieting. This will also help maintain your metabolic rate.
I would also suggest you incorporate some heavy weight lifting (6 reps or less to failure) into your exercise regimen along with the cardio work you are doing. This will help you acheive the toned muscles most everyone wants.

Good luck.
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If 1200 cals worked for you in the past, that's the number I'd use now regardless of what fitday says, particularly if you aren't very tall. If you have to eat junk to meet your calories, well that just isn't worth it. Meet it with whole grains, fruits, veggies and lean protein, or not at all
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