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Originally Posted by farahb7 View Post
that you definately have to be ready to start a lifestyle change for health or weight loss. people nag and complain about how heavy they are and how hard it is for them to lose weight but they won't even try to use the right tools no matter how many times you recomand it, or even walk them through it. for me, when i came across fitday, it was the greatest tool that i had found to date. to share the knowledge and blessing, i have been recommanding it to friends who have been complaining about their weight, but, to my surprise, they have a look and say that it wont work for them, not even giving it a small chance!!!!!!!
It's amazing the number of people who mention there weight and how they want to lose weight, but never do anything about it!
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And you know what makes this whole thing worse? Scientific studies have shown that social groups and families have a tremendous influence on weight and activity levels of the their individuals members. (and this is doubly true for women)

So don't let your friends and family with bad habits every stop you from your goals! I've had to tell my husband numerous times that if he's going to bring junk food past our front gate, he's more than welcome to eat on the porch!
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Default Every once in a while the idea catches on

I totally agree with everyone. How many times have I heard people complain, even with tears in their eyes, about their weight and self image and respect problems only to reject every suggestion I have.

BUT when someone does get the light bulb over their head and I know I had a part in it... that makes all the rejects worth the effort!
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Originally Posted by wannabefitgrl View Post
I absolutely agree. My best friend has been trying to lose weight for longer than I have. The difference is that I really decided to do it, no excuses, and have lost a lot of weight. She, on the other hand, has just gained more. I've tried to give her the tips and tricks that have worked for me, I lend her my newest favorite workout DVDs that have given me the best results, but she just comes back with the excuses. "That workout was boring", "it didn't make me sore so I it's not working", "I eat healthy and workout for a week and then I just stop." It goes on and on. I just figure it will happen for her once she really decides. I wish my friend would get some inspiration from me and see that it really is possible.

People joke that getting healthy is my part-time job because I really take it seriously. But when her and I talk, she just get mad and says she doesn't want to hear about exercise or eating healthy the whole time we're hanging out. We live in different towns and don't see each other for a month or two at a time, but she never tells me how good I look either; it's very disheartening that she can't even be happy for me.

I just keep up the best friend support system and hope she'll come around eventually.
That is so sad that she can't acknowledge your progress. It's just jealousy.. I have had friends do that to me before. I know it hurts, but just remember you are doing this for you and never give up.

Also, I have recommended this site to several people as well and I don't think any of them signed up either. I think this is the best and most user friendly fitness site I have ever seen. I am so excited to explore and learn new things here every day.
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Originally Posted by AllisonRosen View Post
Scientific studies have shown that social groups and families have a tremendous influence on weight and activity levels of the their individuals members. (and this is doubly true for women)

So don't let your friends and family with bad habits every stop you from your goals!
They say obesity is catching, yes, but I think fitness is catching too, as long as there is loving support along the way, including the time when someone isn't ready yet. We can encourage the baby steps in others while we continue with the medium and giant steps ourselves - gotta have good balance before you can stretch out to take a giant step.

Kaiser Permanente has a book called "Everyday Fitness Kit," and near the beginning it has a circle diagram showing the stages of change: Precontemplation (don't see a problem - not in the circle yet); Contemplation (thining about change); Preparation (preparing to make changes); Action (beginning to make changes; Maintenance (maintaining changes); then either Relapse (dealing with setbacks - leading back to Contemplation and the rest of the cycle; or Permanent Change (a new habit - out of the circle).

Relapse is part of the cycle and can be a way of learning more about the stumbling blocks and how to avoid them next time through. If you recognize relapse before it goes too far you can get back into the healthy growth parts of the cycle sooner. If the relapse is short enough it can be just a little blip in the permanent change, like a detour around a crash on the freeway.

Somehow everyone writing in this thread has gotten through the first few steps of change and are at least in the Action or Maintenance stages. That's wonderful. Persistence is Power - keep up the good work - get back up when you fall - help others to do the same.
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