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My Weight Loss Surprise Success: Ayurveda or Placebo?


My Weight Loss Surprise Success: Ayurveda or Placebo?

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Okay so I started with disbelief as I always have thought these organic, natural and ancient methods are pretty pretentious and had some air about itself. Until my friend from india got me a home made remedy which can actually be made in any of our kitchens. However, due to geographical distances, some of these ingredients are very difficult to find.

So she says this is something my aunt whose a well known yoga teacher has been making for years for the cures in her community made from ayurvedic ( ayur- veda: life- sciences) ingredients and has been used for weight loss, internal cleansing and detox for years. Until recently, it was available in a small community, however, her daughters who are well educated have helped her start offering this to more people by setting up a small online store and this is the sample that they gave me to try with this web addresss if I want to order or something.

Reluctantly, after reading what it said about all those claims it made, I went ahead and tried it. Considering it was a sample pack, I was lucky enought to get all three products to try for Body ( internal), Skin ( Internal) & Hair ( External).

I will review only ¨The Miracle Effect- Get Your Body Back¨ as the other two my sister has taken for her trip to Bali.

The ingredients are Himalayan Black salt, Dried Ginger, asafoetida, bishop´s weed

Taste: it tasted a little weird at first because of the sour and bitter taste and completely new flavors.

Texture: Since these are ingredients pressed and mixed togetheryou can feel them a little raw

Use: Well it recommends two table spoons a day. And gives you the liberty to decide to consume more amounts like four table spoons a day in case of bad stomach, hangovers, body pain, fastening weight loss process or healing severely damaged skin from the inside.

My Reason to Try it:
I have been a smoker for years and have had severely damaged and dull skin. The smoking led me to drinking more on weekdays as well and in the process I gained an embarassing amount of weight. Embarassing enough to embarrass me.

My Experience:

I was told to write to them that I received the product and that I will be using it along with mentioning what problems I faced. I mailed them. And they replied with a set of specially curated yoga exercises for me free of cost, just because I started using their product. They designed a special plan for me to achieve my goals.

I did a few Surya namaskars that they suggested for the first week along with three table spoons of this ¨now tasting much better¨ powder. I could sleep better, felt lighter, my acne was reducing and I lost 1.5 kilos in a week where I was finding it difficult to even lose 150 grams. Agreed its not too much to lose in a week ( nowadays people reduce 2 kilos in a day, I wonder how! ), but it was entirely natural and i felt proud to not intake any chemicals or more toxins in my system.

What I have come to understand of this product with my experience is that its basically an ancient cure which simply frees your body of its toxins which in turn helps in the overall improvement of skin, weight, blah blah blah.

May be i now understand the age old adage ¨ You are what you eat¨

P.s:- It´s actually addictive!

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Hello, I also have recently taken in interest in ayurveda, not for weight loss purposes but for general health. I can say that after researching it, there are definitely some elements that may seem mystical, but many of the principles are rooted in reason and science. For example, that stuff you're taking. I don't know about the other ingredients, but ginger has been proven to have myriad health benefits, such as improving digestion, soothing inflammation, and flushing out toxins, all of which are critical to losing weight.
I'm glad to hear that you found something that works for you!
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