Weight Loss Tips?

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Hi there. You're 18! My son is 18, too. If you eat junk food, reduce it....one piece of pizza instead of 6... Drink lots of water. Wash and cut up a wack load of vegies and put them in a container in the fridge and grab them instead of cookies. I do this for myself but my son eats most of them before I get a chance to!

But you're 18...most important is simply to go outside and play! Turn the tv and computer off and grab the guys, including all the dads and go throw a football or baseball around. Grab the guys, including the all the dads, and play pick up basketball or street hockey (if it's safe to do so). Ride your bike... grab a piece of cardboard and go tobagganing if you have snow.

Be the leader in your community and get everyone away from the video games and back outside several times a week. My son grabbed a friend's REALLY obese dad one day for football and the dad originally said he'd just watch but then he started to play too and had an absolute blast playing with the teenagers; you should have seen the smile on that Dad's face!

What sport did you love when you were 10? Can you go back to it in a young adult or adult recreational league?

Go to your school's dances and DANCE.

Do whatever makes you move, is fun and makes you laugh at the same time. Enjoy being healthy and strong and 18!
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Default Hi...

I m telling you some usefull tips i hope it will help you.

1. Pump up the volume of meals.
2. Limit liquid calories.
3. Make mindless eating work for you.
4. Think outside the gym when it comes to exercise.
5. Ditch the all-or-nothing mentality.
6. Always have a plan B for eating and exercise

These are few steps i hope it will help you to loose your weight

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There are many way of loss weight as like
Daily you control your diet.
Eat healthy & Nutritious food as like milk, egg, banana, nuts vegetable etc
avoid always oily & junk food
must be you exercise in a time. If you need exercise help go to gym.
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Eating chicken breast is great since it has a smaller amount fat. Stay away from packed chips and junk food. Get rid of all bad habits, eat food cooked in your house. Form some healthy habits like walking and climbing stairs instead of using lifts. Drink plenty of water, I am quite sure these tips will help you a lot.
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Default Weight Loss Tips

Hi, I understand that it is kinda difficult to lose weight but we must be determined to achieve it if we want to stay fit all the time. Anyway, I want to share with you what I recently do to loosen up. I suggest that you tried dance craze or just dance. These are games that could eventually let you enjoy and at the same time help you to burn your calories the fastest way. Try it now, you won't regret it! Just search it online. I heard Just Dance offers a free download
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Can we loss weight without exercise if yes than how it is possible?
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Exercise makes weight loss easier, giving it an extra boost, but just reducing your calories by a significant amount will work for weight reduction. Also, exercise improves health in many ways that aren't just connected to weight loss.
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White Tea is also widely consumed for its health benefits, one of the most significant ones being that of weight-loss. Studies are still under progress, but researchers have found very strong evidence about this fact. Before you think it is some wonder weight loss elixir, see exactly how it helps you lose weight:
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Excellent info here, I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looking for.
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Default Few Tips related to weight loose

Tea is a very popular beverage right across the world. It’s consumed in different ways; some people like to add sugar and milk, while others will have it black. Some may add a dash of lime and some might add honey. Some like to have a warm cup of tea while others will top it with ice. Regardless of how you like to consume it, tea is delicious in every form.

White Tea is naturally flavorful and sweet and you will not feel the need to add any sugar, cream, milk or honey to it. When you replace your regular tea with this one, you automatically do away with all the unnecessary sugar and fats and tend to lose weight.

It lowers your blood pressure and the also improves the working-condition of the heart. In turn, when you have a healthy heart, you can also perform more rigorous exercises, which again will help in weight loss.

White Teais completely calorie free. No matter how many cups you consume every day, it will not add any calories.

It also has natural appetite suppressant qualities. When you start consuming White Te regularly, you will find that your craving for sn acks reduces and it leaves you feeling very satiated. This also means that your portions will be smaller at mealtimes which helps you lose weight faster.

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