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Over Weight and Wanna have a BABY! Need help shedding these pounds!

Over Weight and Wanna have a BABY! Need help shedding these pounds!

Old 05-24-2010, 12:14 AM
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Unhappy Over Weight and Wanna have a BABY! Need help shedding these pounds!

So my name is Kristina and i am going to be 25 yrs old in August of this year. I am married to a great guy whos always trying to help me succeed no matter what it is i am trying to do, I wanna lose 180lbs by feb of next year, so we can have a baby. I am tired of being big. Is there anyone else out there that has the same issue or has expierenced the same thing? I am looking for some advice and some support, though my husband is great, i want to do this for me. I dont wanna get pregnant with the weight that i have on me already and i cant imagine having to add more. Thoughts anyone?


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Old 05-24-2010, 03:05 PM
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Yes we have all been there in one way or another!! Welcome to the journey and congratulations on your choice of health!!

I started at 300 last November and was pretty down on myself and felt like i could never lose weight. Now i have lost close to 70lbs and i am a new person today!

When i started i googled "how to lose 100 lbs" and "Lost 120lbs" and "best way to lose 100lbs". I poured over all the information on the internet and slowly started to develop a plan on how to eat to lose weight based on other's successes. I also googled "heart disease prevention" and " anti cancer diets" etc just to know more as i was completely in the dark about nutrition and health.

I made a shopping list of the vegetables i know i liked and changed the way i shopped. First surprise was the extra large package of pepperoni i would always buy was 200 calories for each piece!! And i would eat that package in two days so that was 4000 calories in pepperoni alone!! I spent two hours shopping and eliminated all high calorie items.

Over the next two months i kept eliminating the bad foods and cleaned out my own cupboards of the old bad food. Pretty soon i was buying all sorts of veggies that i had never eaten before and bringing them home. I used Allrecipes and Recipezaar to find ways to cook my new foods.

I was so big i lost a lot of weight easily the first couple months. Then it started to slow down and i found fitday and stated logging every piece of food i eat and every drink. I reduced my calories to 1500 per day and stuck with it and now have lost another 30 pounds since then.

When i first started in November i would walk my dogs around the block. Now i am walking with them for 5 Km's!! And i ride my bike that i just bought for km's too. Also i just started running .... because i can now!!! And it feels awesome!!!

Fast food and junk food i stopped the day i started this journey and i don't miss it one bit. I am so tired of being fat and i never want to go back there again.

Since i started three other people around me have been so motivated by me that they too have started their own journey. It is very addictive and gratifying once you start!!

Start by logging all your food you eat and buy yourself a 20dollar food scale so you can weigh how big your portions are. This is a job, every morning start off and think about how your 'new job' is going to happen today. Come on the forums and ask lots of questions, everyone here is so helpful. Read all the other posts on what they are doing or struggling with. Be strong , be proud, and most of all be healthy!!
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Hi Kristina

I posted a reply in another thread. waynegretzky has some great advise on getting started. Don't take on too much all at once or you will get burnt out. You will find a lot of support here on the boards and the food log is great to give you a starting point. Good luck!
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Lightbulb Kattarriffick is now Kristinabarrios

Thank you both for your replys... I had a inaccurate scale so i had to make a new acct and come to the realization that i was heavier then i though once i got that new scale. On may 19th i was 357lbs and today i am at 345lbs.(June2, 2010) I just cut my calorie intake down and i am watching what i am eating. I am glad i found this site and this forum cause i know with the support and knowledge of others i can succeed. Thank you "Wayne" for reallying putting your info out there. You make me believe it CAN BE DONE with a little effort and change. I appreciate all the knowledge you have provided me. Thanks so much both.

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Old 06-02-2010, 02:43 PM
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Hello everyone, I love the advice! I try to eat right everyday because I have cardiomyopathy. My problem is the exercise part. I am 261 @ 5"2' and it hurts my calves, and lower back to walk though I love to work out. I have become discouraged and my obesity continues to creep up. I live a very sedentary life and am in a routine to watch my favorite shows. I do not have a husband or even a boyfriend and would like one.
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