The Top 5 Weight Loss Questions Answered

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The Top 5 Weight Loss Questions Answered

People trying to lose weight often have a ton of questions. To be brutally honest, if they stopped talking and asking… and instead focused more on moving more and eating less, most of their fat will come off.

However, that being said, this article will answer some of the most common questions just so that you’re better informed and don’t make too many mistakes. Do note though… Knowledge will not make you lose weight. Exercise and a healthy diet will. Only do what truly matters.

1. Will eating slowly help me lose weight?

No. You could eat slowly but eat a lot. You may have read that eating slowly will result in you feeling full before you have completed your meal. So, you will end up eating less.

This is often not true since many people are mentally conditioned to finish whatever is put on their plate. So, they’ll carry on eating despite feeling satiated. So, they’ve not eaten less but just wasted more time.

2. How do I stop my food cravings?

We must be honest with ourselves here. We’ve made eating badly a habit. Food cravings are a symptom of a bad habit. The cravings will take time to go away.

Have a well-balanced diet so that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. When you have bad cravings for something sweet, eat some fruit. If you really must eat chocolate, get dark chocolate that’s healthier.

Slowly but surely discipline yourself. Don’t try and cut all your favourite foods off at one shot. Slowly reduce consumption of them and little by little you will wean yourself off these foods.

3. Is it safe to restrict my carb intake?

A healthy diet does not restrict carb intake. You should be more concerned about where you are getting your carbs from. Is it from healthy sources like oatmeal, vegetables, etc.? Or are you eating white bread, junk food, etc.?

What really matters is the carb source. However, when you are trying to lose weight, ideally you should restrict your carbs so that you can lose the excess fat. Once you have reached your ideal weight, slowly you can increase your carbs till you find the sweet spot where the carbs won’t lead to weight gain.

4. I’ve reduced my calories but I’m not losing weight… Why?

Most probably you have reduced your calories too drastically. Aim for only a 500 calorie deficit. If you have hit a plateau where you are not losing weight, go on a calorie surplus diet of about 500 calories for 5 days. Yes, you may gain a little weight.

This will shock your body and boost your metabolic rate. Then go back on a calorie deficit of only 500 calories a day. Sometimes you have to take a few steps back before going forward again. This is one of those times.

5. Will eating at night make me fat?

No. Weight gain is a matter of calories. If you exceed your daily caloric intake, you will gain weight. It really does not matter when you eat as long as you’re on a caloric deficit.

These 5 questions are some of the most common ones. Now you know the answers to these questions and you know that what really matters is you taking action. Put on the workout attire and go sweat. When you’re done, eat right. That’s really all you need to do.

Read More For Weight Loss Tips.

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I am not sure I agree with your points. Where are you getting your info from? For example: Eating slowly means you will focus on chewing your food, which means you will better digest and help with your blood sugar levels, also focus on what you are eating, instead of just inhaling it. (as I have done myself) When one does anything in life, awareness is where it counts.

I think that there could be a more holistic response that maybe more helpful

Also to say " To be brutally honest, if they stopped talking and asking… and instead focused more on moving more and eating less, most of their fat will come off" Who is they, do you not count yourself in this?

Being fat isn't about being lazy or stupid. The same as being bulimic or anorexic isn't about being skinny. These are coping strategies! We need to lean healthier ways to cope and this takes knowledge and an open mind.

I don't think there is every a stupid question and people should never stop asking because one day they will get it. Things will make sense, they will be better able to hear.

So although I feel that you are trying to help I think what you said has taken me a little a back.
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Reasons for weight gain and weight loss (and strategies) are controversial - always!

It is true that you can eat lots more than your body needs and gain weight by eating slowly. But there is some evidence that eating slowly is an effective weight loss tool.

The best display of this effect that I've seen is in a TV series that was on British TV (I think - I actually saw this on amazon instant video). It was called 'The Diets That Time Forgot.'

The premise of the show is that diets over history are still circulating in social consciousness (and scientific research, for that matter). The producers and writers chose several: Banting (Atkins), Chewing and eating slowly - because you must chew each bite so many times (Fletcherizing), and low-calorie (counting calories). These diets came, respectively, from the Edwardian era, the Victorian era, and the Twenties.

The program is really very entertaining. The participants compete by staying on their diets in an isolated environment (a mansion in the U.K.), dressing in costume of their eras, and submitting to directions from coaches who support them and direct them on their diets.

Guess who won the contest for most weight lost? The Fletcherizing diet. All you want to eat, just chew-chew-chew a certain number of times, every bite. The meals eaten by that person on that diet were quite rich and loaded with carbs, fats, calories, protein, etc.

One thing that seemed evident from the program is that consistency is key. Sure, you can Fletcherize in a supportive environment, and if you follow that plan every single day, you can lose weight. All diets have a problem with maintenance. Maintenance, to me, means just staying with the principles of the diet. Who can Fletcherize all their meals and all through life? If you are motivated enough, the television program did demonstrate that it IS a great diet. You can eat anything you want. You just have to chew-chew-chew. Not a few times - 32 times! And not a few meals - every meal.

Sure, exercise was stressed, too. But these people weren't jogging. They performed some exercise in an antiquated gym but they mainly walked!

I agree that knowledge won't make you lose weight. But it will set you on the right path - for you and your particular goals, with your lifestyle. Some people will never go on the Banting diet because they are vegetarians and find it too difficult. So, there are other options. So many diets available! Some people will never want to count calories but won't mind counting something else that leads to fewer calories. A lot of people will NEVER Fletcherize, no matter how wonderful the food is on the plate. It's not fun at a dinner party, it's not attractive in an upscale restaurant!

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Very nice listing about weight loss planing.

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