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Hi Jenna, you are asking about sugar and what I am avoiding. I don't eat fructose (except in bananas in my morning green drinks). Honey is fructose. I tried a teenie amount on the end of a spoon and recoiled from the sweetness! If it is processed (if man has had a hand in making it) I don't eat it..whole wheat is processed and full of sugar. I just don't eat bread and rolls or baked goods. The wheat of today is manipulated by man and not the wheat I grew up with in the 60's..it is full of sugar and chemicals. When you eat wheat it is instantly converted to sugar and stored as fat ..., so why would I want to eat it? It is like eating candy.

When I quit flour I had thought I would probably look into some ancient grains, that are not manufactured like wheat, and try making bread from those,,for example Amaranath. I have not done so as yet. It is early July and I am grain free now for 3 mths and have no desire to find a replacement for wheat in any form. I have my new way of eating and I feel so light ( physically & mentally ) I am just sticking with my fresh things - especially in the heat! Come autumn I will likely play with an ancient grain and make a loaf of bread from it although I have had a taste of bread lately and it just tastes sugary and doughy..not at all the pleasant experience of old.

Jennifer, thank you for your comments Sugar is stored as fat in our body and grates in our heart arteries like shards of glass..isn't that just awful??!! When I am tempted to eat something that contains sugar I just think of that, it stops me. Geez they even put sugar in bacon for heavens sake!! Even a seemingly innocent piece of bread is hard on our hearts

This journey is indeed a process. It is not all or nothing, not black and white. I usually make good choices now but I am also messing up along the way which is just living. Because we eat out a fair amount I am pretty strict/simple eater at home the rest of the time when I make all my own food from scratch. I keep cans of salmon and sardines on hand and eat them for a quick protein meal/snack...they keep me full for ages while I am uptown running errands and doing my chores. I drink lots of water and lots of green tea to keep me hydrated to burn fat and prevent kidney stones ..especially in hot weather.

Must dash and get my fluids..I love chatting with you

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Great Tips
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Cheryl, what does your doctor say? You have a couple of health issues and so I am guessing you are on medication. Maybe he or she could refer you to a registered dietician?
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Default Sugar and Gluten Free

Hi to All,

Can you give me any books or help in reading up on gluten free foods. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and have just been diagnosed with arthritis. OMG. I need to get off the sugar ASAP. I have fibromyalgia also. Between the arthritis and fibromyalgia I need to keep the inflammation down.


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