my weight lost secrets!

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Smile my weight lost secrets!

i have now hit my goal weight and have lost a total of 125 lbs! my diet is vary vary simple for those interested..... all this diet requires is motivation, measuring cups and a kitchen scale!
first off i completely cut grains out of my diet..... grains actually slow down your metabolism and cause constipation.... that means breads, pasta, ready to eat cereal, oat meal and anything of the sort.... you can Google what foods are grains and it will give you a list.
secondly no fried foods and no pop for obvious reasons..... now Ive heard from allot of people "ohhh i can never get rid of my pop" or "ohhhhh! no french fries!" if you really want to loose weight then you have to make some scarifies..... end of story..... my dad has french fries every day that i cook for him along with about 15 cokes a day. i always steal a fry off his plate just to get the taste or ill take a drink of his pop b4 i bring it to him...... just to get the taste. but at one fry or one drink is wear you need to stop.
third and lastly measure everything! get yourself a kitchen scale that has oz on it and start measuring everything! i never realized how small a serving of Doritos was until i measured it out. at first your going to feel like your starving yourself and you want to give up because every one else around you is having big over flowing bowls of ice cream or a big mac with a large fry while your sitting there with a fruit and yogurt parfait. but i promise you if you stick to this it works!
the best part about my diet the "kiss diet" kiss standing for keep it simple silly is that you can still have chocolate! My vises are chocolate chip cookie dough and tootsie rolls so every day i have 1 oz of chocolate chip cookie dough and 1 serving of tootsie rolls!
there are website you can go on that will help you figure out how many calories you should be consuming to loose maintain or gain. i like
i hope this helps for any one interested and or serious about loosing a few pounds and living a healthier life!

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Default cookie dough

Thank you for the advice and encouragememt but please be careful with the cookie dough. If you are eating it raw it can be dangerous. Google E. coli and cookie dough. I read a terrible account of a woman hospitalized for over a year and fighting to get her life back after eating a contaminated batch of raw cookie dough.
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I thought the eggs might be dangerous because of possible salmonella. One solution: maybe use EggBeaters or other liquid egg substitute? These are pasteurized.
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Default wight loss secretes

African Mango Lean Supplement it loaded with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and Omega oils, the supplement is actually a good nutritious food that you consume twice daily to lose weight.

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