A little advice here? Anything..

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Default A little advice here? Anything..

I have been calorie counting at 1200cals per day and working out atleast 4 times a week for about an hour since the middle of January 2014. Since than I went from 156 to 135. While i clearly lost weight and can feel it a little in the way my clothes fit,
I still see fat. Alot still in the mid section (which is my biggest problem area) and still some cellulite.
For meals, pretty much just consists of 100cal frozen greek yogurt in the morning, with either fruit or skim string cheese,
small coffee or green tea, lunch either a small salad or lean cruise meal, and dinner is either a salad again, lean cruise meal,
or homemade meal (sandwich, skinless chicken with a veggie). I always keep snacks in between meals as Fruit.
For working out, I switch it up between some much time on the treadmill (walking and running), and the Eliptical,
lifting weights and Sit ups. I just want to know more effective ways to lose FAT or if there is something I'm doing wrong OR
can improve on. I know you can't spot reduce, but I will do almost anything to see a noticible reduction in my stomach..
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Do you spend much time on core exercises - like Pilates, for example?

You can strengthen the muscles there (abdomen, waist, back) and yet, it's weight reduction that will show the effects. In other words, a person can be fat and have a strong core, and a person can be thin and have a weak core. So the weight reduction and exercise are both necessary.

You've already lost more than 20 pounds so kudos for you!
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It sounds like you're certainly on the right path having already lost 20 lounds since January! It takes time to change body composition...which is what it sounds like you're doing. Just losign weight on the scale is one thing...but reduce actual body fat is another. I think your diet sounds pretty good, but keep in mind Lean Cuisine...while low in calories...is still processed food.

I say keep doing what you're doing! Over time, your problem area will reduce!
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thanks for all the information here. I'm doing the diet and shrink the stomach. Can you give a workout what should i do

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Pilates is good for core exercises (google 'Pilates' and you will see what kind of exercises they are.,,) but walking is as good an exercise as any. It burns calories and you can go as slow or fast as you want.
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Diet plus running in the morning on empty stomach
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Default fitness advice

thanks for sharing this informative things here !!!
Better sleep is also a perfect solution for nice fitness.ease stress and relax so you can fall asleep and also sleep on time stay sleep until morning.it keeps you fit and healthier.

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