How to lose weight when you have a inactive job

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Default How to lose weight when you have a inactive job

Long period of time in office doing an inactive job means an excellent pay check and a good lifestyle... and increase in undesirable weight! Before you recognize it, you may get marked as a bump on a log. Worry not, for here are some simple guidelines to lose...

We have seen an extreme change in the way we work during the last three years. The nature of work in offices has modified from manual and experienced tasks to sedentary that require one to sit at their workstations for approximately 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. It includes very little movement within the work perimeter as work needs to be done in computerized offices where even the least interaction with colleagues and buddies can be made over email or an in-house interacting system. Before you realize it, your body system begins displaying off flab in the most undesirable areas of your body. Common wellness issues such as heart diseases are the most sensible outcomes of such a way of life. Here are tips to begin moving and get into a good shape even as you continue with your sedentary job.

As You Wake Up...
As you begin your day, try to drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon full of honey and freshly squeeze lemon juice. Honey and lemon itself do not burn any fats, but this combination acts as energy boosters right in the morning.

I recommend that you should go in for some actual activity for at the least your efforts and energy of 30 to 40 minutes before you head out for work. You may choose vigorous exercises like a swimming, a game of crush or tennis. If however, you wish to opt for lighter activities, then go in for quick walk of minimum 3 km on a flat road surface or walk uphill for the prescribed number of minutes. Alternately, you may try options such as biking on smooth or constant routes, a workout at a gym, a power yoga session or an cardio exercise class.

Never miss your morning meal as it is a booster of energy that you need to pull through the day. Remember the age-old proverb.. 'Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper'. Skipping breakfast only makes you more hungry at the mid of the day when you instantly start getting craving for meals for lack of adequate energy. Take a healthy breakfast of milk and cereals, eggs, fresh fruits and juices. Let your breakfast be the biggest meal of your day.

Going to Work
If your office is in close area, then there is nothing wrong in walking your way up to your office. For an office which is easily commutable, there is nothing embarrassing in using your bike instead of your car as a mode of transportation.

Once you reach your office, you might get tempted to use the elevators to reach your office floor. As far as possible, avoid using these modern means. If your workstation is located on higher floors then you might alight from the elevator at least 5 to 6 floors prior to your floor and walk up rest of the floors. Use the common stairwell from your office property to access your own workstation.

During work, you might be tempted to talk with your colleagues and buddies. Prevent using emails, in-house chatting services and smses as a way for interacting with your colleagues. Instead get up and walk to you colleague's workstation.

You may perform some physical exercises while sitting at your workstation too. e.g., exercises of legs and thighs. For wellness reasons, it is necessary to eat small portions of meals throughout the day instead of a single large meal. These meals may be carried along by you to your office. Some popular meals for consuming in office include:

A fruit dish with assorted fruits and with no synthetic flavoring A salad dish with mixed vegetable of your choice A glass of fresh fruit juice or coconut water A box of trail meal A sprouted meal with seasoning of lemon juice and herbs. A small box of 100 gm roasted brown chickpeas.
All these meals should be consumed in small bowl portions only. Make sure to hydrated along with each meal. Avoid taking sugary foods, fried meals and over spicy foods like pickles.
Consume your noon meals at set time as it boosts your metabolism and improves your digestive function process. I stress on consuming a square meal inclusive of adequate quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and little of fats. But keep in mind, that your midday meal should be smaller than your breakfast.
Post lunch, it is recommended that you practice some physical activity like a simple exercise in the gym, a brisk walk around your office for 10 to 15 minutes or you might just walk up and down the staircase a couple of times. Remember, do not go for your workstation immediately after your meal.
If you need to talk on the phone for extended hours during your work, then avoid seated in one place. Instead you may pace the office floor while discussing on the phone.

Going Back Home
Just as the day had started, you can either walk your way back home or ride your bicycle. Use some time to shop for your groceries and vegetables at this time. Keep in mind, even a simple action of pushing a shopping trolley down the supermarket aisle helps you get rid of fat.
Finally, end the day with the tiniest meals of the day...your dinner.

You need to create a mind-set to follow all the guidelines of physical activity and perfect diet that you set for yourself. Your mind may plan, but times may come when your body might feel lazy and tempted to back out. You need to exercise some self-control in this case. And yes, there is nothing wrong in treating yourself to some sweets when you have some cravings. Losing weight during sedentary job never seemed this simple right?
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I'd like to add that you can easily elevate your monitor and keyboard and work while standing. I spend hours at home at my computer, standing. I have built a platform on the 'desk' with a plastic stepping stool topped with a briefcase that provides the surface for my keyboard. The monitor is on top of the computer which is on top of something else, which is on top of something else - you get the picture.

I have a feeling that it would be accomplished more elegantly in an office.

I stand and stand. This results in swollen ankles after a certain amount of time. My podiatrist says it's gravity that is doing that. I sit down from time to time, to take a break. I guess if I worked in retail and had to stand all day, it would be the same.
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I suggest that people park as far away from the office/school/store door to add steps to your day. I plan 4 "get up and get away for the desk" walks. I walk with purpose to specific destinations on campus. I offer to collect and drop off mail at the mail center. When I have complex info to relay or request, I go to the person's office for a face to face. The walk and the change of scenery is revigorating. If there are people on campus looking for a building, I don't just give directions- I walk them there. It gives me extra fresh air, and keeps the friendly campus image we are famous for.

Of course I use the stairs even though the elevator is across the hall from my office. I have a 5 lb kettle bell at my desk. Each time I finish lecture prep or grading, I do a set on each side.
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In order to lose weight, you need to burn calories, and like anything physical, doing yoga can help you achieve that goal, but it depends on what style of yoga you do.
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You can have height adjustable desks to stay fit and healthy while working in office. These desks help you to stand up at ease and stay away from undesirable weight gain.
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Same problem with me. I wake at 7 in the morning, go to office at 9 and come back at 8 pm. My office is very far from where I stay, so travelling and job makes my day very tiring. However, I go to a nearby gym daily at 9 pm and workout till 9:45 or 10. When I stop going to gym, my body picks up weight, so this has become necessary for me. I recommend you to hit a nearby gym to keep your body weight in check.
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There's nothing terrible with an inactive job. As for me, when I started working in the office, I became more active at the weekends and before/after work. For example, I avoid taking a bus or taxi somewhere I can walk to. It means, regulated my time to spend more on the way to a certain place. I always listen to musing during the long walks to stay motivated and not to get bored and take a taxi. Also for me, it is the best way to enjoy my favorite songs. On YouTube, I always discover great songs that I convert to mp3 with the help of this Personally, I like this one as it works with all the popular platforms as well. Moreover, it's quite fast and easy to use.

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