What a year!!!!

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Default What a year!!!!

Hi ladies. Been away too long and gained lots of weight back which as you all probably can understand takes a long time to face and do the whole thing all over again.
So I've began full time work that I love, fantastic people and food temptations everywhere which I found so hard to turn down and if I'm honest finding it still a huge Chalozenge.
I know what I need to do and tomorrow is gonna be the first time I've been on scales in a while. I know a stone and a half will have gone back on ( 21lbs)...yeah I'm very disappointed and mad at myself. You will realise from me on here that I over think everything but I have come to know my diet weaknesses/ strengths over time.
So back on the wagon I hop..age 28...2 children growing up quick, age 10 and 8, work full time, love food, dislike exercise but willing to put in effort. Feeling disgusting and lacking confidence but ready to make my goal before I'm 30!!!!
Great to be back
Tracey x
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If you dislike exercise, beat boredom with cycling, it's fun and raise metabolism, nice & easy way to burn excess calories. Great way to see the outdoors, take in the fresh air, or simply get around town. Depending on your body weight and the intensity of your ride, you will probably burn some where between 400 and 500 calories on a one hour bicycling trip.
It's my way with FitDay .


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Hiya I do love cycling..used to do 2 hours every Monday morning but sinice working full time I have to admit my motivation has gone slightly.
I do a spinning bike class on Tuesday's and an aerobics session Monday evening, Im definitely gonna increase my walking perhaps into work, again used to do an hour everyday on school run but no longer do this now I have parents/partner to help.
I realise it's just time to fit it in when I can without it taking up all my spare time but I also have a dusty exercise bike in my living room which I am determined to use again.
Exercise is something that when my weight was lower I enjoyed but it's just getting my body moving again after the last 8 months of owning up to being lazy.
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Cycling is the best way I have heard of to start out because it is easy on the bones and you can see lots of scenery, even if the scenery is furnished by the television LOL If you have the finances or the friends with one, I have fun with something like the Wii or other products you can do at home and drop if you need to get the kids or put dinner in the oven.
My problem is that I love to exercise... and then eat a mountain. The mountain always seems to win out.

I hear Michael Phelps (the swimmer) eats 10,000 calories a day and keeps the weight off by swimming. I am allergic to chlorine which they put in all the swimming pools here.

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I enjoyed exercise much more when I was at my lowest of 10st 10lb then once I began working it just piled on but in all honesty that's due to the extreme amounts of BAD food I was cramming into me.
10, 000 cals, that seems unhuman but these athletes exercise constantly and at intense levels.
I struggle to really get going but have just signed up to 6 weeks of interval training once a week starting in September. I am gonna start walking again too, I used to walk everywhere.
It's day 3 back on plan now and I'm feeling much better but due to the amount of fruit/veg I'm eating I've had an upset stomach today and have been on the loo with cramps, I suffer severe IBS so I need to work on managing that better.
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