Any Women Over 60?

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Default Any Women Over 60?

I will be turning 64 in a few days. 4 years ago I lost 50 lbs. Over the past 4 years I have gained back 30. I keep trying but losing weight gets harder and harder. Due to a bad foot, two shot knees and a bad back, it has become very difficult and painful to do the kind of walking I used to do-an hour in the morning and evening. I own a small business and work 6 days a week. My hubby weighs the same as he did for 40 years. I need to lose 50 lbs and would love some support!!
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Hi! There's plenty of support on these forums - check out the motivational threads, for instance.

It is discouraging that weight loss does not get any easier with age. The themes are the same, though - moving more and eating fewer calories will make weight loss happen. There are healthy and not-so-healthy ways to 'shake it up' so those things happen, but the individual has to decide how to do it!

I'm not so impressed when I hear that a man hasn't gained weight the way a woman has. Men don't have the hormones a woman must deal with. They also are usually the people on the receiving end of good cooking, just like you're on the receiving end of good cooking when you go to a restaurant. However, all the stress is taking place in the kitchen, no matter how much the chef enjoys the job!

So, take your husband out of your diet picture and think about your own situation, not his, not yours with him. It is easier when two people share diet goals, but he doesn't need to lose weight. If necessary, work out a two-meal plan where you eat a different version of his meal, if you're doing the cooking. He won't have any complaints, I'm guessing.

Good luck!
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I started gaining weight when I hit 40. I'm also hypothyroid which doesn't help. I get frustrated with my husband because he never exercizes, drinks and eats what (and as muchas) he wants, is 70 yrs old and has NO health issues-Thank God!! And I struggle daily with high BP, high cholesterol, arthritis, weight. At this age I'd like not to have to worry about it anymore....
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You can do exercise with weights sitting in your chair. Any time you get your arms over your head you can boost your heart rate.

Get some weights and do your arms over your head and out to the side - there should be some wheelchair exercises on line. Do this two or three times a day -you don't have to walk to get benefit.

You can also put the weights on your thigh and raise your legs or heels - if you can stand on one leg - you can do hip exercises by holding on to the back of the chair and raise you get to the side - start slow and switch sides -


We go to Silver Sneakers at our Aquatic center and a lot of us cannot stand for great lengths of time - look for the exercises on line and find something you can do

Good luck -

I am 69 and my husband is 72 - I had lost 40# but now I have gained back 20 and I am so disgusted with myself.
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I'm 72 .5; recently lost 30#, but am gaining again. Need to lose 50# and I'm ready to get back on the horse that threw me. I am fortunate to be able to exercise (tho I need to build up some stamina). I bike, do 3 fitness classes/week locally and walk the dog one mile every night (because he won't let me skip it).
I'd like to be part of a support group where the women are sincerely working toward bettering themselves. I was active with Fitday a couple of years ago and it did help.
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Hi there, I've just re-joined today as I need all the help I can find. I am 63 years young, soon to be 64. In November of last year I had open heart surgery to repair some severely narrowed (95%) arteries in my heart. I always thought I was an active healthy person, and this hit me out of the blue. I admit to having an extra 20 lbs on me which I knew wasn't good but it didn't seem to hold me back. Since surgery I've gained an additional 10 which now puts me in the obese category and my blood sugars are elevated to the point where I must do something about it. I hope we can encourage and support each other on this journey, are you with me?
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Pandagranny I am not as old as the rest of you but I have several of the same issues. way over weight and insulin resistant. I had so good blood work numbers in July. I have to give credit to all the gardening I have been doing. The chair exercises are a good Idea. You could put on some music and chair dance as well.
I am almost 59. Have bad feet and back problems so I love the chair dancing. I know why the back is out. After this last week with wood and brush hauling and painting a building outside on an 8 foot ladder did not do it anygood. Hope you find what you are look for here come join us on the motivational thread. The more the merrier. Nyda
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Default You've been reading my mail!

PandaGramy - when I saw your post, I had to check that it wasn't really me posting under another name! I also lost 50# about 9 years ago, also gained back 30, also hypothyroid. And we're about the same age. I'm 65.

Have a spouse who was about as overweight as me -- he has been following a good program and has lost 60 pounds. I've been following the same program for much longer and have lost only 20.

Reading Pamela Peek's books about losing weight after 40 -- seems like stress is another double whammy for those of us over 40. We may be handling parents as well as children, may be in a more responsible job (if we're fortunate enough to still have a job.) Stress encourages our bodies to seek sugar and fat, and to store what we take in as fat -- not to burn it. How's that for unfair?!

Given the thyroid issues -- and the stress issues -- I need to keep reminding myself that I'm incorporating healthy habits not just to lose weight, but also to protect and improve my health. Regardless of the slow weight loss, I know I'm a lot healthier now than I would have been at this point if I hadn't been paying attention to eating patterns and moving more.

This week, down about 2 pounds. Maybe that's a good sign? OR, I could go back up 2 pounds next week...patience needed in great quantities!

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