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Default Discouraged

Good evening ladies! (Depending on where you might be in the world)

I've been giving myself a really hard time lately, and I find it nearly impossible to find positives. I'm continuing my journey of losing 110lbs. i'm already 60 pounds down, and I'm continuing to lose. However, I keep feeling more and more discouraged even though I'm continuing to lose. I blind myself from progress and just focus on how flabby my arms and my stomach are. (ESPECIALLY MY ARMS!!) It's so frustrating to the point where it's depressing. I feel like the flab is just staying there staring me straight in the face, and even though I work out routinely, I just can't see the progress. I just feel flabby and unattractive even though I know I'm losing weight weekly. Any advice to help me blast this discouragement?
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Default Congratulations on your weight loss!

Sixty (60) pounds lost? That takes determination and dedication over many weeks. I congratulate you on being able to stick with it.

Re: flab: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but after skin has been stretched by overweight, it does not shrink back when the fat is replaced by muscle. That's why many people who have bariatric surgery and lose 100 or more pounds, later have plastic surgery to remove the excess hanging skin.

So my advice to you is:
1. Keep up the good work--you are obviously doing the right things
2. Continue to exercise to develop beautiful strong muscles.
3. When you get to your ideal weight, or as close to it as you think you are going to get, consider seeing a plastic surgeon.

AND when you get discouraged, talk to (or post on weight loss forums) people who are on the same journey you are to get a boost of encouragement. We're all pulling for you.

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Katie - give it some time. You have youth on your side and young skin is much more elastic than older skin.
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Smile You are doing amazing!

I know its discouraging, but sometimes its hard to see the change in ourselves when we are with ourselves through gradual change. It would probably help if you take a picture every week or two, or even take measurements every couple of weeks, because you ARE getting smaller! Also, the most important thing to remember is that by your hard work, your heart and liver, and all of your other organs are so much healthier, and thats the whole point isnt it. Do you have more energy? Thats the second important factor, if you dont feel good enough to live your life, then what does it matter anyways. You are doing great, but dont worry, how you are feeling happens to all of us. Maybe try adding a hobby or fun activity to your schedule to get your mind off of body image and weight loss. SOmetimes thinking too much about diet and exercise can drive anyone mad. Hope this helps.
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Default Wow

I'm proud of you. I need to lose about as much as you do in total and I'm at 22 lbs down. 60 seems like forever away!

About the body though, after being overweight it can take 2 years for your skin to get as small as it's going to get unfortunately. Just think, as you're getting smaller, so is the skin, just slower. Also, I know how hard it is, but I would consider not getting plastic surgery after you're done... For me, I'm starting to get wrinkly around the chest area (ALREADY!!! I'm going to have no boobs in a few months lol) but I think, "I did this to myself and it is a good reminder to NEVER let my cravings get out of control!"
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Don't give up. it flew by for me. The thing is though i stopped and started up like 10 times. Keep it consistent. there are so many more results, and yeah i'm never going to consider plastic surgery, im just going to keep up pumping iron, and time will do the rest.
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okay, I don't know if this will help. Do you have pictures of you 60 lbs ago? maybe look at those and then at you and be like yea I rock! you can find workouts to help increase the muscle tone in the areas you feel you dont like as well. BUT this physical transformation is also an emotional transformation as well right? maybe there are other reasons you are finding yourself discouraged? Advice from my mom " talk to someone about it" maybe a professional? I know that may seem extreme but your becoming a new person outside and maybe those changes are making you confused about the person inside? Just trying to help
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