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Old 04-24-2010, 07:53 PM   #1
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Default Women over 60

I am wondering if women over 60 would like to talk among ourselves. Weight is a serious issue with age because it affects the joints even more profoundly than when we were young, yet at the same time, just by eating the same amount, a person will gain weight. It is mathematical. We have to eat less. And it is very very hard.
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Old 04-25-2010, 01:13 AM   #2
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Yes it is and also supposed to slow your metabolism. Sigh

I was lucky to find a rebounder trampoline today for $20.My back cracker told me it would be very good for me to try to use it three times a week to start. That it will not or should not hurt me even being over weight. LOL I was afraid to get on it at first. Visions of punching right through it. But it feels really sturdy and the little bit I did it felt good. Going to try doing 5 minutes easy at a time to work up to the twenty minutes suggested at a time.

He told me it works so many more muscles and helps to make my core stronger. Of course we want that???? Right??? So believing him and finding one at a yard sale I am going to take the chance.

I have been at this fit day for 8 months and only lost 15 pounds so hoping this will help me. Also summer is on the way and the yard work should help. I have 35 more pounds I would like to loose.

Glad you started this thread. I will be 61 in August. UGH Hard to believe I just typed that.

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Old 04-27-2010, 06:53 PM   #3
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I am 61 and would be happy to talk with people in their 60s. I have been exercising since Jane Fonda made it hip. Guess I'm dating myself. I don't have many aches and pains, but a big annoying hypoTHYROID problem that has put on 30 lbs the last 6 months. My doctor is working with me to find the right medication for me, but until then I remain with a big fat butt and belly.

I love to exercise and currently am doing pilates, yoga and qi qong. The pilates has really changed my shape, even though I'm heavy, for the better. I use FitDay every day to track my calories and activities. It has kept me clean and honest.

I hope to hear from everyone again so we can keep in touch.

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Old 04-27-2010, 08:46 PM   #4
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Hi Sharon.

I also have hypothyroid. Never did get the meds to do much good. Quit them several years ago. Gained that 30 pounds too. And in a hurry. Boo Hoo. but I am loosing it slowly. Trying to do some thyroid support with Iodoral and vitamins and exercise to give myself a boost. I bought a rebounder tramp and have an exercise bicycle. Just getting into using them. Even a few minutes at a time several times a day for each of them seem to help me feel better.

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