Back after losing my way

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Default Back after losing my way

Does anyone else do this? Set themselves a goal and then just sabotauge all efforts to achieve it; once I've messed it up so badly that I can call myself a total loser then I want to achieve the goal again knowing that I can't.

After setting myself the goal of losing weight before I am 50 I start well and it all looks good, then 4 months ago I lost my way and despite being diabetic and having high blood pressure I just stop exercising and start eating badly. Now my goal is unachieveable I want it again and beat myself up every day for failing. Of course doing that makes me miserable and want to eat!!

Despite all that I am back here and going for it once again, I have approximately 50 more pounds to lose and I am a compulsive eater and exercise hater, I need some support, sympathy and advice.
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Ice, try and set smaller goals for yourself, so that it isnt so overwhelming. Celebrate when you achieve the small ones. Can be as simple as

I will walk for 30 minutes today
I will not eat (insert your favorite high calorie food) this week
I will drink X oz. of water today

these will all be small changes torward achieving that ultimate goal. I know for me, I could never look at the finish line, because its too daunting, but I could try to lose 1 lb. in a week, or exercise 3 x in a week, something like that.

PLEASE DONT GIVE UP. You are here, which means you are on the journey. Good luck and keep on keeping on!
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Default Don

Chris's suggestions are right on target.
It may be that your overall goal of 50lbs gets a little overwhelming. Really, isn't the goal to be fit and health? So rather than using the scale as your measurement, how about good habit goal like Chris suggested: water, walking, using the stairs, clearing out the junk food from the house, that sort of thing. And maybe put the scale away for a while.

PS never mind the title. Fitday decided to post before I had completed the thought. It should say:
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I do this everytime I 'blow' my diet, usually because I'm stressed. If I'm not stressed, bad stress or good stress (excitement), I can do much better. But it doesn't take much to throw me off track. I have just a few bottom-line items now, and if I aim to stick to them, then at least I know I've kept those goals in sight, even if I don't lose weight. Then, the calorie counting and control over my eating gets kind of layered on top of those goals.

I guess what I'm saying is: prioritize. Do it in a way that is clear and measurable and then even if you mess up at some level, you'll know you've still achieved something for your health.
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