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Question Vitamin B6

I am just wondering if anyone has noticed if Vitamin B6 supplements have helped with weight loss? My mom recommended them to help with postpartum depression, and it worked wonders, but I also noticed that I started losing weight more quickly (instead of 0.5 lb per week, 1 to 1.5 lb per week) while taking them. The reason I noticed is that the vitamins have been out of sight for a couple of weeks, and despite no changes in diet or excercise, I haven't been losing in the past 2 weeks like I was when I started taking them 6 weeks ago. It's frustrating because I'm 4 lb from my goal and I just can't seem to get there.

Is this a coincidence or do the B vitamins actually improve the body's ability to metabolise food and nutrients better (as the description on the bottle says)? Does anyone have any input or explanation?
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Wylie* Although I have never personally used B-6 for weight loss and I'm certainly no expert, I believe it is used to relieve symptoms of edema and to help those with problems with water retention, which may be why you are seeing weight loss.

People who are deficient in B-6 may show signs of depression and it's also used to balance hormones I think, which may explain why it benefited you with ppd.

But, that said, always check with your physician for the best advice.

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I work at a doc office and we give b12/b6 shots to patients who want to lose weight. I personally take them and here is what we have observed as an office. B6 and B12 used together or seperate will only CAUSE weightloss and help depression if you are deficient to begin with. HOWEVER for about 90% of people it DOES increase energy which will usually make you move more, which will result in weightloss. You have to be careful though because B vitamins are not like other vitamins as in if you take too much you wont just pee it out or metabolize it. It will actually cause a B vitamin toxic build up in your system which I have only seen twice in 3 years. You know you have this because your muscles and joints will start to ache. Ache like really bad. not just a soreness. But like I said thats not common at all. Hope this helps!
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Thanks Quinn and Natty. I figure I'm deficient since Fitday is telling my I'm not getting my RDI. And I have started noticing that my ppd symptoms are coming back since not taking them for a couple of weeks... I'm not taking a lot (50 mg once a day), and I have endorsement from my family doctor for the ppd reason, not weight loss.

I definitely don't want anyone thinking that this is the answer to weight loss as everyone is different... But it is a good endorsement for eating a well balanced diet and making sure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that you need!
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