7-Day Motivational Thread 11/5/12

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Default Mon.

  • Exercise > 40 mins 3 days: 70 mins
  • Calories < 1600 per day: 1467,
  • Protein > 50 grams / day: 36,
  • Vegetables > 2.5 c / day: 2,
I need to amend what I wrote earlier about vegetables: "CDC site says (2.5 cups) is the minimum I need." Well, 2 cups is a lot of broccoli! So I just had a look again. It's 2.5 cups of Fruit and Veggies. Ok, fruits I can eat all day. I just didn't eat any yesterday. But I do have a few grapefruit & that sounds like something good to eat today. And ... I always need more protein!

I have to say that posting here really helps!
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Lisa, Talking to your (free) nutritionist sounds like a really great idea. I definitely don't have expert advice, just opinions...

Except on questions of hair. I haven't done more that trim mine in more years that I care to admit!

- Donna
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A little under the weather with sinus allergies and grandkids are off school and with me today, but I'll try to catch up with this week's thread later today.

Monday Report:

Green=on target Blue=off target but could still meet weekly goal Red=missed target

Going for averages on all food goals:
Calorie limit 1500 1059
Sat fat limit 10% of total calories 8%
Net carb limit (after deducting fiber) 25g 28g
Fiber minimum 25g 21g
Protein minimum 120g 91g
Cholesterol limit 250 mg 177g
Exercise 4 days this week: Day off
Water 64 oz. 32 oz. or so

Today's planned menu:
small meal #1 breakfast: flaxmeal pancake topped with lemon low fat yogurt
small meal #2 protein shake with egg substitute and an oz. of almonds
small meal #3 veggie burger and fresh spinach wrap
small meal #4 lean pork loin, black soybeans in barbecue sauce, tossed salad with bleu cheese dressing
small meal #5 mashed cauliflower with cheese, deli sliced chicken
other snacks: protein shake with flaxmeal, leftover veggies, sugar free jello
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1. Ingest 64 oz water minimum.M
2. Log food.M
3. Slow down and be mindful when eating.M!
4. Walk dogs M-T-W-Th- (then walk dog F, S, Sun) (one dog is going duck hunting f-sun)M!

Being mindful when eating sure helps me know when I am full!
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April and Joanna, welcome back.

American members: regardless of your party affiliation, please vote today for whomever you truly think will do the best job for our country, your state, your district, your county, and township, parish, or borough. Remember we are entitled to our secret ballot--you don't have to confess if you voted for someone your friends/family/acquaintances don't support.

Thanks, everyone, for your greetings and encouragement.

Will be back later today.

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1: Post Start Weight--184.0, 190.4
2: Log Everything & Make Log Public--no, yes
ToriD1012 - free online diet and fitness journal
01gt4.6 - free online diet and fitness journal
3: Walk at least 6 miles--0,0
4: 64 oz water daily--33.8, 118.3
5: 3 servings fruits/veggies daily--3, 3
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Lots of H2O: Can't say lots...
Stick with mostly whole foods: Y
Cook 4/5 nights this week: Sort of... rotisserie chicken from market and salad
Gym 2x this week: Planned for Tue
Clean out 1 cupboard/day: No... totally forgot I made this goal.
Plan Thanksgiving dinner: Thinking about it.
Buy a jump-rope (or at least do the motions, thanks April!): N

Great start to your week Mern! Yes I voted by mail last week - Great reminder to all!

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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
awww were you thinking of me?
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Health / Fitness Goals...
1. 100 oz water daily M: Yes,
2. Exercise min 30 min M-F (weekend may involve staining the deck if it's warm & dry enough) M: 30min of cardio kickboxing followed by pilates stretching Woohoo!, T: Repeat of M ,
3. Walk on lunch (remember this goal that I have abandoned) 3 times this week M: No, T: Yes,
4. List everything here that I shouldn't have eaten but did anyway M: In white for those who don't want to see it...homemade brownies w/chocolate chips sprinkled on top topped off with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup....and shared a plate of cheese & crackers with hubby and ate way too many
5. Weigh and post it M: Forgot to weigh, T: Forgot again,

Life Goals ...
1. Be nice M: Yes,
2. Listen M: Yes,
3. Finish folding laundry before starting it again next weekend M: Not yet,

Not a lot of time to chit-chat today but trying to hold to my promise to post and keep updated on my goals. ... Did make it through the 2 minutes of "jumping rope" again today! Woohoo and it was a tad easier to make it. He said about 5 seconds left and I was surprised.
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Goals for the week
1. Keep carbs and protein in check Mon-yes, Tues-giving myself half since carbs were, protein no
2. Eat 4 servings fruits and veggies Mon-noTues-yes
3. Drink the water!!Mon-noTues-yes
4. Exercise 5x for 30 mins (does cleaning count?)Mon-giving myself a yes, Tues-35

Personal Goals
1. Clean hall closet (can't find anything) BIG YES

2. Finish bagging leaves not yet
3. Stay positive Mon-no, Tues yes

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