7 Day Motivational Thread 10/15/12

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Good day for me today. Fought the urge to eat a ton this afternoon after working outside until 1pm, and just had a nice plum and a flavoured water drink, so pretty pleased with that. Next week I will start setting some proper goals!

And that shed looks great, what a transformation!
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Awesome job so far. Keep pushing it with the push-ups you'll get it soon enough! Awesome job on all your workouts. Many people underestimate how much of a workout you can get in such a short period of time with a jump rope! I could walk for hours and be okay, after a few minutes of jumping rope I'm ready to throw in the towel!
Thanks Mike, Jumping rope is much harder as an adult (@ 53) then as a kid. I jump till I can't (a few minutes), then walk a few laps in a "circuit" through three rooms in my house, jump again, then walk in the opposite direction. Throw in a few burpees and a some 'almost' push ups for good measure. Twenty minutes of that and I'm exhausted.

When I try to crossing the ropes when jumping it really wipes me out. Haven't fallen on my face yet, thankfully. It's kinda like the difference between walking on a flat surface and walking up and down hills. Even though it's the same exercise, it's a whole different experience!

Nice shed.

& I know what you mean by tiled out, or should I say "we" know. I amped the start of my weight loss by carrying slate off the palettes we had delivered from India. Over 800 sq feet of smooth honed slate ~ 2 tons total. I laid out the pattern for my honey to set in place. Arms are in much better shape now than before, but I Still can't do those push ups. And the floor does look awesome! Even though, I do my jumping a carpeted room.

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Default Status

  • Eat my vegetables! Aim for better carbs.
    • Broccoli raw & cooked, spiced carrot soup, zucchini w/tomato
    • Spinach ravioli (does that count?), black olives (is that a fruit?)
    • Carrots, carrots, carrots, & too much other sugary things...
    • Lots (more) fresh fruit
  • Work out at least 5 times for at least 40 minutes.
    • Mon & Tues: TRX, Pilates,
    • Wed: Burbees, jump rope (20, not 40 mins)
    • Thurs: 60 mins Misc. Calisthenics & reformer
    • Fri: 0 <Lifting 15 lb anchor onto his fishing boat, multiple reps.>
    • Sat: Hours of Walking
    • Sun: 30 mins of misc.
  • Do at least 10 consecutive 'touch nose' push-ups (on toes).
    • Maybe next week
  • Knock at least two items off my To-Do list.
    • Good start here ...
  • Hold at my current weight.
    • Averaging minus 220 cals per day. I'll probably stay @ this wt.
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Mike - OMG that is a beautiful shed!!! Nice work! Now you need a cat to keep the rats under control . DH and I lived several years in a neighborhood with rat problems - we think it was because the neighbor had goats and they were always in the feed. Kitty did a nice job of helping out. Now we live in the foothills where there are owls, hawks, snakes, and coyotes constantly on the prowl... no rats (and we have to keep the cat locked-up because the tables have turned on her in a very bad way ).

Mern, Hope, and Mary - So glad ya'll are coming back! Mern, don't forget to bring your whip .
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I love that, Ama: Mern, bring your whip!
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1) plan meals - ish
2) 1600 cals max -1244
3) stretch -no
4) yoga, walk, something, 2 x this week (starting slow)- no
5) write (I am now on a deadline)-no
6) drink more water -yes
7) send out positive vibrations yeah -yes
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