7-Day Motivational Thread 10/8/12 for weekly warriors!

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Hey y'all! Just a quick check in for me. Thanks everyone for the birfday wishes! The day went alright, to begin with. Work wasn't super busy, and I got everything caught up to start vacation. I did a little bit of birfday shopping, got home and ate supper late. It didn't set well and I wound up getting sick. I haven't been sleeping well lately, nerves I guess waiting on WHN to come home. I took my Bubba's advice and took some melatonin last night. It helped some, but I still woke up a few times. I haven't done a whole lot today, which is good. I did take a nice long nap and then went and got my nails did. The nail tech asked if I had to work today, when I told him no he said "Oh, you just look really tired." I guess that's a nice way of saying I look like crap

Anyway....I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. I probably won't be able to update very much next week But know that I'm rooting y'all on!!
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quick check in. I got in my workouts for the week. I went out to Cruising The Coast... twice today. I put 200 miles on the bike. Most of the time was spent doing maybe 5 miles with stop and go traffic. It's 9:40 and I have not eaten ALL day. I may see if I can fast for 24 hours.... I'm almost there already. Wait, I didn't get up during the night... I am there.
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Hullo! I promised to be here for the weekend, so I guess I better put in an appearance...

Still struggling with eating crap. Ugh. I don't know... I'm really not feeling it right now. Like, hardcore. These past couple of months have been tough, and my head is not only not in this game, but it's not in a lot of the games it's meant to be in. But I know what I don't want to do, and that's gain any of the poundage I put in super duper major effort to lose. How demoralizing. I've been really lucky so far - I don't deserve to still be at the weight I am. I know I can lose more, I just... don't want to work for it. I don't want to get up off my ass and go do anything about it. Argh! So frustrating. It reminds me of how I felt 16 months ago, when I wanted to lose the weight so badly but I just couldn't make it happen. I felt like that for YEARS, and it was so frustrating! I hate that I'm in that mindset again.

Alright, screw it, I'm going for a walk.
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Joanna I will tell you what my friend said "we are worth it". We are trying to lose this weight because we owe it to ourselves. When I feel down I think of what a friend said to me after my Dad died "your friends are lifting you up, supporting you because you are beautiful and worth it". Oh boy I'm gonna cry.

I am very frustrated too because I have exercised 5x this week, have eaten fairly well--no junk but not quite in my carb range and my weight is the same. I have changed my diet and I just think "why is it so easy for everyone else??"

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Joanna, nice avatar. It's nice to put a face to the name.
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