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Default Dietary Protein Amounts

Originally Posted by ahappieru View Post
Thanks Ron,

Over the years with dieting I had lost a lot of muscle. Didn't know it was happening but now that I am older I realize how important it is to stay strong. I have read some about adding protein but not sure how much I need. I walk 2-4 miles on most days (15 min miles), take two classes a week (core strengthing and one the uses weights) and work out some at home. I eat around 60-65 gram of protein daily is this enough to build muscle?? Thanks
You need .5 to 1 gram of protein per pound of LEAN body weight daily. (Competitive Bodybuilder will eat 1.5 grams or more.) With your activities I would suggest you stay toward the higher end of the range. For you at 155# and assuming 20-25% bodyfat your lean body weight is 116-124#. So you need between 60 (.5 grams/lb) and 125 grams (1 gram/lb) of protein. I personally see better weight loss when I keep my Protein at or above 30% of my calories.

Calipers are notoriously inaccurate. They can provide you with a good baseline measure to track from. If the calipers show 16.5% currently and 12.5% next month you would know you decreased you percentage by 4%. Even though you may have really gone from 26 to 22% in reality.

Protein shakes are great as post workout supplements and are best within 30 minutes after your workout. Only protein can repair/build muscles and after a workout your muscles are looking for all they can find. This can ward off much of the Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness (DOMS) because youv'e given your body the protein it needs to repair the muscle. I also like protein first thing in the morning (I eat 3 whole eggs) as the protein seems to satiate my hunger until lunch. (Of course part of that could be the fats that are part of whole eggs.)
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That's the answer I was looking for thank you Ron. Although I am still considered overweight I am choosing not to lose any more weight. I have been at 145 before and think it is to low for me. I really just want build muscle and get leaner at this point. Thank you for the information.........very helpful
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