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ALL ABOARD THE BRAGGIN' WAGON!! 7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 09.24.12 >

ALL ABOARD THE BRAGGIN' WAGON!! 7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 09.24.12

ALL ABOARD THE BRAGGIN' WAGON!! 7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 09.24.12

Old 09-28-2012, 04:11 AM
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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
aww, that's nice! I got "wow"d when one of my old drivers stopped by to see me today. Made me smile a lil
Sounds like someone likes cat calls...
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I like Mern's bag photo-ha!

No starches: M-Yay! ; T-Yay!; W-Yay!; Th-Yay!, F-No--ate Chinese food, including the starches. S'aright.

Outside/Inside Chores: M-Poison the fire ant beds/Put away laundry; T-Cut grass and haul bush trimmings in front yard to brushpile/Change all bed linens; W-Cut grass and haul bush trimmings in north side yard to brushpile/Clean hall bath; Th-Cut grass and haul bush trimings in back yard to brushpile/Vacuum bedrooms; Cut grass and haul bush trimmings in south side yard to brushpile/Vacuum living areas

One Good Thing: M-Great night's sleep; T-Work went well today; W-Dinner date with husband; Th-TV time; F-Went out to dinner with husband and friends

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Starting date – 7/17/12
Starting weight – 189.6
Height – 5’4’’
Age - 22
Current weight – 176
Mini goal – 160 by December 1st (down 13.6 lbs)
Ultimate goal – 145 by March 1st

Not as good as i had hoped, BUT i guess its something right?
My goal is to just not be "obese" anymore.
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Thursday report:

Calories maximum 1500 1439. 1588, WAY OVER, 1384
Sat fat average maximum 12% 9%. 9%, WAY OVER, 10%,
Protein average minimum 120g 141g, 162g, ON TARGET, 123g,
Dietary cholestrol average maximum 250mg 166mg, 421mg, SURE IT WAS OVER, 223mg,
Net carbs (after deducting fiber) 25g 23g, 20g, WAY OVER, 17g
Fiber average minimum 25g 40g, 38g, SURE IT WAS OK, 34g
Exercise 5 days YES, YES, scheduled day off, NO
Water 64 oz. Closer to 32 oz, YES, YES, YES
Limit 2 Hershey sugar free dark chocolate miniatures 1, 1, don't remember, 4
Evening snack that won't sabotage my otherwise on-target day YES, YES, NO, YES,
"Braggin' rights" earned:
Monday: Extra 7 minutes exercise in the evening,
Tuesday: didn't eat past 8PM--that's a personal best for me.

Wednesday: nothing to brag about
Thursday: ate several small meals instead of three big ones

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rightkindofwrong, welcome. Kudos on your weight loss! Nice simple goal.

I'll catch up with the rest of you later. Today is live-in GD's 18th birthday and I've got extra stuff to do. I'd asked her about my hosting a family party for her and last I remember she didn't know, so I took for granted she preferred to do her own thing with her BF. I accidentally found out from my daughter THIS MORNING that was the plan. GD is a great kid--it was simply a lack of communication. The house is a mess, I have no car because I had to lend mine to my daughter when hers wouldn't start this morning and DH has some running around to do himself so I don't know when I'll have access to a car to put the party together and for sure won't have time for or transportation to my cardio class at the gym today. Not the way I wanted to start my day, but I'll figure it all out as soon as I remember where I put those "rose-colored glasses."
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No report for yesterday. Lets just say way too many carbs. Will try to get back on track today. One good thing I did manage to drink my water yesterday and exercised.

Will be out on Sat so I will probably buy lunch and going to church supper on Sun. It's vegetarian (Harvest Dinner) but there is no way to log it as I don't know what is in each item. I kiddingly told my Mom I hope they are stocking up on some bean-o for this dinner as it's beans, cabbage roll casserole (don't know what THAT is?), roasted veg, hash brown casserole and quinoa salad.
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Thursday's numbers:

Calories: 1,329 Fats: 74.6 Carbs: 50.4 Proteins: 116.8

...what to brag about? In spite of my back going out (without me!!), I managed to make a huge pot of split pea soup for the boys, iron my clothes for Friday nite, and this morning (since my body clock was kind enough to wake me at 4), I went through my big bureau and eliminated almost half of the clothes in it! Goodwill's gonna love me this week! The ultimate in recycling - most of my clothes actually come from goodwill/salvation army, so it seems right that since they're still in pretty good shape, that it all goes back to them!

Quinn - those p'nut butter cookies sound easy and yummy!

Mern - as soon as you find those glasses, lemme know where I can find a pair!

Ama - lucky you! the way I've been feeling, if it'd been me, I woulda chased him down and ask him to say it again! What a lift to the ego! Think I gotta go to the mall...

Hey Mike - in my world, that's called a "blonde moment"!!!

Tori - very nice - gotta love impromptu positive remarks!

Get to go out Friday and have some fun - and hang around adults! After the week I had with the kids on my bus, I need some grown-up time...
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Combine my southernisms with my cajunisms and no one knows what I am talking about. My parents were North Louisianans ( is that a word?) I grew up in a small town near Lafayette, LA. My friends would

Save the clothes........put them away
make groceries...........go food shopping
eat shripms...............always plural
cut their hairs........... also plural
shaah....................something adorable

it goes on and on add in a Turkish husband and old age vocabulary lapses and we are going nuts.

My goals

online everyday y y y y y
water y y y so so TBD
carbs Y Y Y Y TBD

Have a good one
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Default Better late than never

Tori vs. Mike Goals

1: Post start weight, log every damn thing that goes in your mouth, make logs public 180.8 ---187.2 http://fitday.com/fitness/PublicJournals.html?Owner=01gt4.6
2: Most calories deficient -1070, -571, -690, -1649 (-3980) --- -370, -729, -737, +360 (-1476)
3: Most water consumed 58.7, 84.5, 16.9, 8.5 (168.6) --- 101.4, 118.3, 101.4, 84.5 (405.6)
4: Most miles walked 0, 0, 0, 0 (0) --- 1.55, 0, 0, 0 (1.55)
5: Fewest net carbs 95.4, 178.1, 125.2, 87.9 (486.6) --- 316.6 , 48.1, 97.1, 213.4 (675.2)
6: Fewest servings of bread 1, 2, 0, 0 (3) --- 3, 0, 1, 1 (5)
7: Highest % of weight lost

Tori - can brag about being wow'd by a horn ball hitting on my lil sis!

Mike - being a good dad!
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Default Friday bragging

I'm bragging about not giving into junk food this week, despite being over worked and having an abusive boss
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