Mood - just a stage?

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Default Mood - just a stage?

I am over 50 and with 100 lbs to loose. I have tried few times before to regulate my weight- this time is different as i learned few things about myself and i know it will take a while untill i will make changes. I know the ropes.

The question, the concern and the biggest need for support and exchange of information is about the emotions.
I become extremely sad when i loose weight, anxiety comes from nowhere, sudden tears, totally bad, sad mood for no reason.
WHY? How to overcome it, how long it takes, it is just a stage? Is this common?
I quit my efforts or need to stop weight release because i am super sad!

Anybody here with similar results?
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Maybe the stress of dieting just adds that 'one extra drop' to anxiety that already exists. That's not a reason to avoid dieting, though - it could be that losing weight contributes to some hormonal changes you are already having throughout your month, anyway. Again, not a reason to avoid dieting!

Go with the flow and let the tears flow.

It's been awhile since I had a great workout at the gym, but when I did, I always felt better - and better about myself. I had to get to a certain point in my fitness routine when my body affected my mind that way.

Exercise helps, too. If nothing else helps, you could ask your doctor and tell him or her what you are trying to accomplish with your diet.
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Thank you Kathy! No i do not use mood as an excuse. This time i just slow down with diet, i am less strict for a day or week and continue. Excercise is great idea i add it slowly to my day, i guess i am just easily overwhelmed and discouraged.
Maybe the emotions are stored in my fat, there is a reason i ate more than i needed for last few years.

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I can relate to the moodiness, and it does get better as your body adjusts to the healthier way of eating. I feel SOOOOO much better after losing the extra weight and making better choices. I would recommend aiming for gradual weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. Make sure you're getting enough calories! Exercise makes a HUGE difference with me as well. I find I'm less hungry on days I exercise, so it's like a double bonus.
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I found logging my daily mood(s) and using the option for a daily journal has helped me understand my mood(s) verses my hunger. I have found on really green days my appetite is under control and I have a good day of calories and I am more active. It has helped me recognize patterns and I have been able to try and substitute snack foods to help me on my yellowish days. I too have plenty of weight to loose. I am shooting for weight loss before winter. I don't want to be in Florida in a bathing weighing as much as I did when starting this. Once in Florida swim classes twice a day for three months should help take maybe another 10 lbs. I plan on being here for a year or two! Hope your mood stabilizes or you take another's post advice and check with your doctor.
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YES, particularly in the first couple of weeks of making a considerable change. I have found if I eat small amounts more often it is not as bad. I think it may have something to do with a blood sugar drop. I am not normally someone who will cry for no reason but let me get hungry and I am all over the place emotionally. I think some of it is grief at losing the comfort of food, it has been something that I have turned to when I am happy, sad, angry, bored etc etc. In some ways it feels like losing an old dependable friend, but I try to remember that I am gaining a whole new life.
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I would say to make sure that you are eating enough good food. I would not simply cut out something like all carbs or all sugar suddenly. And like the others have said exercise always lifts my moods and makes me less hungry.
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