why this time is different

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Default why this time is different

Over the last 8 years I have promised myself I would get back to my pre baby weight so many times, before I had my daughter my weight yo-yo'd all over the place.
I have been thinking about what makes things different this time, I have stuck at it for 10 months now, with a considerable loss to show for it. There have been some times where I have fallen off the wagon but this time I keep getting right back on.

I do have some strong motivations; I have PCOS and I would like to try for another baby, the doctor said I am a lot more likely to be able to get pregnant if I am in my healthy weight range.

I am also watching my dad have more and more health problems related to his weight. He has type 2 diabetes, gout problems, back problems, and he has done so much damage to his feet and ankles from being too heavy that he can't even walk around the block. We look so much alike in body type and posture that it scares me to think I am, or was headed right down the same track.

Another motivation is my daughter, I am sick to death of being too lazy to get up and play with her. I don't want to teach her the same unhealthy habits that I have and I want to be alive to see her grow up and have her own family. After losing my mum to cancer a few years ago I know how it feels to lose a parent early. I don't want that for her.

so the motivations are strong... but I have had reasons before. I know the difference is perseverance. when I hit a wall I change tactics, add some more exercise, play with my macros, drop my calories, zigzag, whatever it takes. BUT I DON'T GIVE UP!!

I guess I am not really sure why this is my time, but it is and that is what is important. I am 2 1/2 kilos off my original goal weight, and I now plan to keep going until I am within my healthy weight range. I am seeing this as a whole life- life long change, I am not dieting, I am changing my life.
And DAMMIT I am going to be HOT!

So what makes it different for you this time?
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It's interesting how some people, even when they've dieted before, will sometimes get that inspirational moment, when they say enough is enough, and it's time, and they go for it. Something similar happened to me. For me it was hitting 310 pounds and realizing that I did NOT want to continue down that path. I knew it would only lead to pain and an early death, so I decided to make the change then. I think you have really good reasons for wanting to lose weight and I hope that you're able to remember them to keep motivated and to be successful!
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It is different. I hit absolute top for my weight at 215 lb. I was dieting before, had better results, was even more determined i guess. Now i just do it. I am kinder to myself, give myself more time, but at the same time it is less struggle, just slow deliberate action not a fight. How it will be later i do not know, but as it is today i feel i will suceed.
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It's different for me this time because I don't think I can't take anymore of this fat-phobia that's going on. I'm sick of justifying everything I put in my mouth, I'm tired of having everyone around me telling me what to do. In the end, what motivates me the most is: if everybody blames me and only me for gaining weight... If I lose it, then it's thanks to me and only me. That's what I want. I want to shut their mouths. I want to prove everyone wrong, and make proud the two or three people that have always been nice about this matter.
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This time is different for me for many of your same reasons... I need to lose weight to have another child, and I need to lose weight to have energy to play with my daughter, who just started walking! I don't want to be the mom sitting it out on the playground, no way.
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