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I have sleep issues as well, and sleep apnea. It is good to go to your Dr. and have them investigate, but in the meantime... There is an all natural sleep aid you can get over the counter that works wonders. It's melatonin. It's non addictive, and something your body naturally produces. It doesn't knock you on your butt the way most man made drugs do, and you wake up feeling rested. Limiting your stress level can help a great deal, but lack of sleep is probably only worsening the problem. So I highly recommend looking into some melatonin.
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Lizzy...Wow this is crazy! I live in Manitou Beach you're like 20 minutes from me! lol

Anyway, everyone is right on the sleep apnea. I work for a DME, (we provide the machines that treat sleep apnea) and it's so amazing what a difference it makes on the people we see in our office! I definitely recommend a sleep study!!

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sometimes if i can't sleep i try to focus on my breathing. breathing slowlly in and out, counting to 10. or if i get distracted before i reach 10, then i just do it until 5 and then keep repeating.
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Originally Posted by mirage59 View Post
Lizzy...Wow this is crazy! I live in Manitou Beach you're like 20 minutes from me! lol
Lol! Small world, I work in Somerset
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marcia, I agree with many who've already posted about sleep apnea and hormones. I just wanted to share my story.. For years I had sleep problem, couldn't fall asleep and when I finally did I'd wake up at about 3am and couldn't go back to sleep. I am 53, so chalked it all up to perimenopause. I too suffered from restless leg syndrome at night, just couldn't hold still.. my joints oftened ached and I'd feel itchy all over. Most of this occuring at night.

From some research I did I found out I was allergic to wheat. Oh, also I had terrible dreams when I did finally fall asleep... Back to the wheat allergy... by all accounts I was simply exhibiting allergic symptoms. Here is what cleared up for or changed for me when I quit eating wheat:

sleep like a baby and no dreaming, at least not that I recall
fall asleep within 30 minutes and sleep all the way through the night.
no more restless leg syndrome
no more itchy body
no more cramps or tender breasts before or during my period
no more depression or huge mood swings
no more acne breakouts
full healthy hair
joint pain virtually disappeared
no more post nasal drip
no ear channel itching
no more daily headaches

My doctor told me there are a lot of people that are allergic to wheat and just don't know it.. and feel miserable their whole life. and I am not talking about gluten intolerance, but this is wheat. .and you'd be amazed how many products contain wheat...

I admit at times I fall off the wagon and have been off the wagon for the last many months.. but now I am back on and feeling once again so much better and sleeping good too.

best to you in finding out why you're not sleeping...and hey, try going off wheat products for a week and see what happens.. you've got nothing to lose, but possibly lots to gain...
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Hi - This is a much lower-tech solution than all the previous ideas but may work

As I understand it our bodies do not want to let us sleep when our blood sugar levels get too low (I guess evolutionary response) - even if you're not 'starving'. Reduced blood sugar levels are obviously common while dieting, especially if you are watching carbs/sugar closely. This will lead to an inability to get to sleep or an interrupted sleep.

I find that a good solution for me is to have a small amount of dried fruit just before bed time (I'm talking 2 prunes, or something in that volume). The little bit of a sugar hit lets me get to sleep but it is not a significant amount of calories.
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My joints will bother me from time to time and make my sleep less deep. I know that when I'm getting regular exercise that doesn't happen though. We also bought a tempurpedic bed 5 years ago and I've not regretted it a day since! I adore that bed!

I'm almost 42 and believe that I'm in premenopause as well. Some nights I just lay awake for no reason at all--and that's really unusual for me.

Good luck!!!
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