I had a moment this morning

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Default I had a moment this morning

I try to take a weekly pic in sports bra and panties (same pair if possible) every Wednesday. They usually stay on my phone and I don't pay much attention to them until I have about a month's worth. I had a few minutes before leaving for work this morning and decided to grab them off my phone. I hadn't pulled them since 5/23 (my bday). It brought tears to my eyes to see that when I started taking them in February I weighed 31 lbs more than I do now. 5 months later. What a difference! Sorry, But I can't show you guys.

I am closing in on my 100lb loss point as well. I really want it right now. I have been taking exercise more seriously this week. I'd love to be there next week but it is exactly 4lbs to go from this morning's weigh in so maybe by month end. When I get there I will be putting the upper left butterfly in this pic on the inside of my right ankle. I am going to have the girl work the number 331 into it somewhere, just as a permanent reminder of where I started. I will not be done with this battle in any way but I want to mark my 100lbs permanently in my mind (and on my body apparently). This will be my first ink and I am nervous for that but excited to get there mostly.

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WOW April,
You are such an inspiration. With all that you have had to deal with over the last year, you have stuck to your guns and pressed on toward your goals.

I saw your post in the exercise thread. So was Zumba as fun as they make it out to be? It must be a great workout because so many people swear by it.

Have a great weekend woman and give yourself a big old hug for all of your amazing accomplishments!
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Congratulations! That's such a big accomplishment, and something to be really proud of! I think the tattoo is a great idea as well.
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Awesome, I've loved getting to know you from a distance - hiding the 331 is brilliant!
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That's fantastic!! I really wish I would have taken pictures along the journey. I love the tattoo and the idea of never forgetting. Keep up the great work!
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Congratulations on the weight loss!
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April, sorry I haven't had a minute before now but I just wanted to say congratulations. What an accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself. Very pretty butterfly too
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Thanks everyone! Sometimes you just need to put something in writing so others can see it.

Pam...The zumba does not work well for me. I am too uncoordinated to keep up and then I end up feeling like I didn't do a real workout even though I am sore from it the following day. I am going back to Jillian type dvd's LOL ... This weekend out of boredom though I looked up a did a song with Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies. I thought my 15 yr old would have a coronary laughing at it when he YT'd the video!
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Congrats April.. That's really Great!!. Wish you GoodLuck to reach your ultimate goal.
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April, your goal of getting the tattoo is fantastic! Girl you have done so awesome so far! Hope you are planning to also scream from the rooftops your accomplishment because, quite frankly, what you have done is remarkable!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!
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