Exercise and self-image

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Default Exercise and self-image

Like many of us, I am trying to get more active. Taking a rowing class, and today we went on the water for the first time, and I found a bunch of old sh** coming up. I was never athletic - girls with low thyroid and early puberty in the early '60's weren't required to be. So I discovered today that I still don't believe I have a right to be out there on the water learning to row. That this kind of thing is for people who are good at it. The lean and fit and coordinated ones - i.e. not me, almost 56 and overweight and not fit and not especially coordinated. I don't expect anyone to fix this. But I thought that by publicly sharing it maybe I could get over it. And maybe some of you other pre-Title IX-era women have encountered the same kind of issue, and we could support each other?
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You have about 20 yrs on me but I can tell you that it is a very common feeling. When I started walking on lunch ( I lap my admin building outside about 7 times to get 2 miles) I felt as if everyone was looking and thinking "What is she doing? She's still just fat. Apparently it isn't working." But in all honesty the majority were thinking "Good for you girl! You go!" And eventually they even began to voice those comments. I still get that feeling sometimes. I think that I shouldn't have the confidence that I have gained because to an outsider I am still a fat girl. They don't know that I have lost over 93lbs. It is just a matter of getting 'right with yourself'. You have taken huge steps. Don't let this hurdle hold you back!
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I'm right there with you! It took me many long walks, just all by myself to sort through all that "chatter" in my head and realize that everyone else in my life carves out time for them, why don't I? Why didn't I think I was good enough?

I am proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone to find something new to fall in love with. That IS what you are doing, right? Think of it like a new relationship with rowing. In the same way, meeting new friends and making new relationships is scary, fun, often times you wonder if they like you as much as you like them. I guess in a way, exercise can be like that too for us.
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You know what? Everyone starts somewhere.

I think it is totally awesome that of all the activities you could have chosen, you picked rowing! And I bet the instructors and most of your classmates do too. What a super all over exercise.

I've always thought that "most improved" is the best honor of all. And, hey, starting from scratch, you are bound to nail that one.
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Default The Positive Reinforcement of Exercise

I have never looked down on anyone exercising and I don't think others do either! When I exercise in any way, I like my body more, fat or thin. It is good to pay attention to the feeling of my body moving instead of the chatter in my head.
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You're not required to be athletic even now. You're choosing it because it's good for you and because this is something you're interested in, and you have every right to do that. Like anything you're new to, it will take time and practice before you feel like you do it well, but believe in yourself and enjoy the process as much as you can. Even if you don't end up being the best rower, in the mean time you're getting out, having fun, and doing good for your body.
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Originally Posted by mrsrainh2o View Post
I have never looked down on anyone exercising and I don't think others do either! When I exercise in any way, I like my body more, fat or thin. It is good to pay attention to the feeling of my body moving instead of the chatter in my head.
I dunno, when I go to the gym the teens are certainly tittering about me. Well, they start by tittering and then realize that I can dead lift them. That shuts them up pretty quick.

You know what, I always figure that if someone is laughing at me it's their problem, not mine. If I am working out and losing weight and doing good things for my body they can (not sure what the board rules are about cursing...) just go away.

I, for one, think what you are doing is great and I would love to row with you (I can guarantee I will be worse!).

Go for it!
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