7 Day Motivational Thread Beginning 6.25.12... No More Excuses!!!

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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
April, my goals were in white.
Do you think since Mern isn't here to crack the whip that you can slack?
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Hey guys...
So the short version: I'm back! I lost weight while at school, gained while at home, need to fix that. See long version below. Goals are at the end.

I remember quite a few of you from when I was on here pretty regularly around December/January, but I haven't posted since then. Whoops. Not sure if you guys remember if. If so: hi again! For those of you I haven't met yet: 'ello for the first time!
Even though I didn't post once I got back to school, I was still paying a fair amount of attention to my weight and eating/exercise habits, as my schedule allowed. I managed to settle into pretty muscular 128-132 lbs and maintain that for the majority of my time at school. It was higher than my goal, but I could see the beginnings of a 6-pack starting to form, so I certainly wasn't complaining. Then, of course, finals week came at the beginning of June. I stopped exercising regularly, dance classes had ended, rehearsals had ended... I wasn't doing much. My weight started to creep up a bit, but nothing too concerning. I figured it would go back down once finals ended.
Boy, was I wrong. I don't know what it is about being home, but the pattern over the past two years seems to be that I lose or maintain weight at school, and when I get home I gain it all back, AND MORE. Over the past three weeks, between not buying my own groceries, my parents wanting to take me out to eat (I hadn't seen them in 5 months), and a family vacation last week, I've gained. A lot. I'm not quite sure where I am right now, but I'd estimate a very flabby 145-ish. I'll weigh in tomorrow to get a more accurate number.

So here are my goals for the week. I know i'm a day late, but better late than never, right?
1) 1200-1400 calories
3) No pure carbs except oatmeal (so no bread/rice/pasta/chips)
4) 100 oz of water or tea daily
5) Multivitamin daily
6) Exercise daily

Nothing too harsh to start with. Here's hoping I can stick with it.
Best of luck to everyone else!
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hey Torre!!!
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Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
Coming to the "Fitday Confessional" with head held low in shame...

Last night after my walk, I went over to my mom's house to clean out her freezer and I never saw such an assortment of yummy, fat-filled treats in all my life! My PLAN was to go over there and throw the majority of it away, as I didn't think that there would be anything good... but OMG! It was like a secret stash of yummy goodness! Pies, cakes, ice cream, frozen pizzas, Schwann's, you name it, it was in there. So, egged on by my husband, we came home and baked one of the supremely loaded, frozen pizzas at 10:00 last night. (Then, I was awake most of the night suffering for overeating... again, !)

Once again, my desire to eat healthy was overcome with my unwillingness to throw out good food. Luckily for me, I stopped after the pizza... husband also wiped out a bag of potato chips and a can of Pringles. lol It's all stuff that I never keep in the house (...and you can see why!)

So, I'm going to double up on my walk today. Some of the yummy goodness still resides in my freezer, but nothing that is incredibly tempting to me... one of the kids will eat it... soon, I hope.
lol, you are truly my sister in sin today!

I had a great day also and darn if an hour or so before bed I didn't start picking...for no good reason. Well, at first I was truly hungry and had some wheat crackers, which would've been okay, but then followed it up with some Honey Nut Cheerios and later some pretzels AND a few tortilla chips, thus effectively wrecking carbs and calories for the day.

The only saving grace is that I shut the pantry before I grabbed the chocolate chips.

So I will be amending yesterday's report when I post today, which, so far, so good...working today and keeping busy! Enjoy your hike...I'm jealous. Haven't had time to get on the mountain since spring, and I miss the solitude.
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Welcome back, Torre! Climb on the wagon with us; a few of us are limping along, but we'll all get there!
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Joanna, sending good vibes right back atcha and prayers that all goes well.
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Joanna, I will be thinking of you in the morning and sending positive thoughts your way. Better to have a conservative doc than one who blows it off.

Hope, hugs to you. I would imagine sometimes it feels the stress never ends. You're doing a good job. Really.
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Hey everyone, Iím here, been logging but not blogging. Joanna and Hope been thinking about you and hope everything will turn out well for you. Welcome back Torre!

I havenít had much chance to catch up the last couple of days. A friend of ours (Canadian comedian Mike MacDonald) is back living in Ottawa after many years in LA, and has some astronomical US medical bills (makes me very grateful for our health care system!) after the wrong prescription destroyed his liver so now he is in desperate need of a liver transplant.

My DH (a musician) organized a couple of benefits to raise some cash to help Mike out and we had the second benefit last night. A huge success, lots of great music and a good time had by all (nope I donít drink so that wasnít an issue LOL), but since we supplied most of the amps we were last to pack up and it was a very late night, didnít get to bed til about 2 am, then worked all day until about 6 tonight. Forsake water in favour of some much needed caffeine to get me through the day, but now I am feeling the lack of hydration, and I know my fibro will be visiting me like an unwanted houseguest! Oh well, sometimes itís worth it, and last night was a pretty worthwhile cause.

Goals for this week:
<1400 calories: 1569, 854
Net Carbs < 20: 21.5, 22.2
Water >64(oz): 60, total fail <20 oz (but I plan to guzzle some more b4 bedtime!)
exercise: too much, none
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Default I'm a little late!! teehee

1. Drink min 80oz of WATER! Y, N
2. PM workout - interval training - 3 days/week(at least)!! Y
3. Min 72 crunches/day! Y
4. 5 Pushups (straight leg)/ 10 pushups (elevated)! Y,Y
5. Drink 1 tea/day! Y, Y
6. Check in min 2x/day! N,N
7. Think POSITIVE! (stealing this from you Hope) N, Y I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!
8. Green for the rest of the week! (Beginning Wed)

Lacking in energy severely - I don't know whats going on with me but my body feels like a weeping willow BUT I am determined to get on this freaking wagon if its the only thing I do this week! MOVE OVER LADIES and gent. This J-Lo Butt needs to go! I've had it with not fitting into jeans properly! Ultimate Goal - get rid of my A$$! No more honky-tonk-badonka-donk! LETS DO THIS...... anybody know some killer butt exercises?
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Nice, peaceful day. Hiked this morning and then husband wanted to go walking tonight, so I actually got 2 walks in. Sat on the deck reading a book, got some color and just kind of vegged out. Nothing huge planned for tomorrow either, although I assume daughter will be bringing home a butt-load of wet, sandy, dirty clothes from her time at the cottage.

This week's goals:

1. Calories between 1000-1200; no excuses! No, Yes
2. 3 fruits or vegetables minimum per day; no excuses! Yes, Yes 5
3. Take all vitamins and supplements; no excuses! Yes, Yes
4. Walk daily, rain or shine; no excuses! Yes, Yes 2
5. Hydrate all day long; no excuses! Yes, Yes
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