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Motivational Thread 5/21/12, Oh dear Lord, it's bathing suit season!!!! >

Motivational Thread 5/21/12, Oh dear Lord, it's bathing suit season!!!!


Motivational Thread 5/21/12, Oh dear Lord, it's bathing suit season!!!!

Old 05-23-2012, 05:11 PM
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1. Calories 1300 or less. 1292, Ha ha ha, no...2520, 1228
2. Exercise 6 hours. 30 min, 30 min
3. Follow my pie chart rules. Yes, Nope, Fair
4. Sleep 7 hours a night, at least. Yes, Tried...was in bed for 7, but couldn't fall asleep or stay asleep, 6
5. Water, keep it going. Yes, Yes, No
6. Log everything and post daily. Yes, Yes, Yes

7. Organize office. It's only Wednesday. Starting to look like hoarders live there.
8. Work on the reports from hell daily. A smidgen, Yes, I am getting ready to
9. Organize archived files in cabinets. Weekend project
10. Get work and home to-do lists caught up. Done. The lists, that is. I've created the lists. That was the goal...job in itself.

Was hoping to keep it a little lighter on the food today but I met a friend for lunch and he chose Chinese. Could have been worse. Again tonight I am in the working-late-and-stressed out situation, so hopefully I won't take a walk on the snacky side!

Ama, your boy is too funny! Sounds like a good story to tell future girlfriends, lol!
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Old 05-24-2012, 02:05 AM
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Goals for the week of 5/21
Water (70+): Y, Y, Y
1500 cals or less: Almost (1560), Y, N (1650)
Exercise 1/2 hr/day minimum: Y (yoga), Y (power walk at work), N
Pushups every day (10 minimum): Y, Y, Y, Y
Lose that super-duper stubborn 1lb this week: So far so good! Down 0.7 - 2 days in a row.
1 load laundry/day: Y, N, N caught up with clothes, but still have sheets and pillows to do


Age 39, 5’6”
1.4 lbs to Goal (Again)
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Old 05-24-2012, 03:47 AM
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I should probably edit my calories yesterday... went out last night and ate two chicken wings... it's only about 120 calories, which puts me at 1536 for yesterday, which isn't too far off goal. Just silly, though - I didn't need to eat them, someone just offered them to me, so I took them. I don't even like wings that much. Haha, oh well

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Old 05-24-2012, 05:03 AM
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Tori's goals for me

1--1 gallon water daily yes, yes
DONE 2--lose 1.5% -2.8 (can I hold it?), -1.2, +.2 (-3.8 lbs)
3--3K deficit -700, -376, -575
4--8 miles, gym 3 times (0mi) day off, (0mi) yes, (0mi) day off
5--all vitamins daily yes, no, no
DONE 6--cut Mytsie's nails no, yes
7--2 policies 0, 0, 1
DONE 8--3 RAK 0, 3
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Old 05-24-2012, 05:06 AM
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Mern: What WONDERFUL news about your numbers from the doc's office AND your GD's award! I'm so happy for your whole family - I'm sure the awards ceremony will just be wonderful! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's wrong about myself all the time. I have a very bad habit of convincing myself of some pretty strange things, sometimes! Thanks for the kudos - I need to work on my water but it feels really good to be back in the saddle. And I think your wishes worked; yesterday was a long but productive day.

Cassie: Thanks for the luck and patience; I'm probably going to need them! BF, while I love him dearly, can be a bit useless when it comes to a lot of the prep work (though of course he's an angel when stuff needs to get physically done) so hopefully I don't get too frustrated. I will try to think of things he can do, too. Once we settle on a place a lot of things will fall together, I hope.

You're wonderful for covering for other people for so long!! I know how it is to just have something like that throw you out of your normal routine and then it seems like you're playing catch-up! EEEEK about the credit card, though I'm glad your bank caught it! Who knows where they get the numbers; you may have been skimmed or it could be from some long-ago purchase. Really hard to tell. I hope it gets sorted out completely soon! On teenager drivers - oh boy! My parents started trusting my sister to drive me around a couple of months after she got her license and somehow we all lived, though it was usually just around town. Are the drivers crazy kids or generally calm? Not sure what advice to give! On the party - you could always just show up for a bit and say you have to dash for one reason or another. Enough to say hello and congratulate, maybe see gifts? Could be a compromise.

Mike: Thanks for the congrats I don't know if I'd call it dolled up - I still tend to wear fairly casual clothes, but they are neat, wrinkle-free and clean at least and I have been doing my makeup and hair every day. That counts! Also, wearing clamshells isn't a punishment unless it's awkward It just means you need to keep rockin' your goals this week!

Tori: Other than the slightly high calories and water, I think your day looked pretty darn good yesterday!!! Don't beat yourself up too much, I bet ya looked gorgeous!

amalthea: LMAO! Super Boobie! I am imagining the huge grin on his face too, ohhhhhh life is so much better than fiction!

HCK: Great bounce-back day, look at you go!

nobe: You're looking like you're having a strong week besides those tough breasts! What a trooper!!!

Joanna: Ugh, eating something when you're not even sure why is such a strange thing, I do it too! It was really minor though, just write it off and get back to kickin' butt. You're doing great!

Food, Exercise and Lifestyle Goals

1) Log everything!!! M: yes T: yes W: yes
2) Deficit of at least 3,500 calories M: -296 T: -664 W: -805 (Total: -1,765)
3) Exercise four hours M: 0 mins T: 30 mins (gotta start somewhere) W: 25 mins (Total: 55 mins)
4) At least 80 oz. of water per day, no excuses! M: 80 T: 76 W: 64
5) In bed by 11:30 every night M: yes T: no W: yes
6) A reasonable pie chart M: yes T: need more protein W: need more fat
7) Weigh in M, W, F and report here M: 161.4 W: 158.5!

Other Goals:

1) Make an effort on my appearance every day M: yes T: yes W: yes
2) Call about housing for new job! M: not yet T: not yet W: not yet
3) Rein in the computer time at home M: Didn't even get on T: Played online with friends; I consider it social time! W: eeehhhh...
4) Report one wonderful thing that happens every day
M: BF and I had some much needed snuggle time on the couch.
T: Hopefully headway at work with drama issues
W: Completed successful new procedure at work

Had a really low-cal day yesterday (under 1000) and combined with a light workout the deficit looked good. I wasn't hungry for whatever reason yesterday and it was a struggle to eat, but I think I did pretty well overall. I wanted to work out more, but since I was feeling odd in appetite I figured I'd just take it easy, maybe my body wanted a "light" day in general. I'm blaming being a little over-focused at work - I felt fuzzy afterwards and conked out much earlier than I normally do. I feel better today, though! I should have time to get in at least a 45-minute workout and figure out what's for dinner. I've got tilapia in the fridge I should really use - ate some of it yesterday but there's more; I think if I just prepare it differently it should be fine. Any suggestions for a fish dish? Maybe I could make fish tacos...Haven't tried that yet!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Old 05-24-2012, 09:28 AM
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Hi everyobe- hope youve all had a good week since ive been away- havent been able to get chance to read through all the thread yet.

My grandma died last friday morning and i made the quick decision to sail over to Ireland for the funeral. It wasnt the funeral im used to but i am so pleased i was there to say a proper goodbye and stayed strong when seeing her peaceful body for the last time. I got the chance to do a 3 paragraph reading infront of about 500 people which i know my grandma would have been delighted with. She was such a strong believer in God and i know that she will be happy and at peace now.

My diet without meaning to went out the window. I made ok choices with meals but my fruit and veg wasnt available so i could just do what i can.
I went for weigh in but it was cancelled when i got there. Very dissapointed because i needed to see the damage to put it behind me and start afresh. Now im finding it difficult to get back on track and feel a bit deflated. I know though that i want that great feeling i had when doing well so im trying hard.

The heat over here is unbearable which im not used to and all i want is ice cream!!!!!!!!! Had a small choc ice for 3 points which is a better choice than a tub of ben and jerrys!
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Old 05-24-2012, 11:54 AM
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Tracey, my sincere sympathy on the loss of your Grandma. It's wonderful that you were able to sail to Ireland for the funeral and do the reading. You must know she was smiling down on you. I'm so glad you have that strong faith to carry you through and that you know she's happy and at peace and you'll be with her again someday. It's really hot here, too, right now. I thank God for air conditioning and the big pitchers of iced tea I've been drinking all day. Kudos on your 3 point choc ice rather than the tub of Ben and Jerry's! Best wishes for getting your diet back on track, though.

Thanks to all for your congrats on my GD's academic merit award. We will find out tomorrow morning what it's for. She still has no idea she's being honored. I ALWAYS credit my genes for my grandkids achievements. Also, thanks for the kudos on my routine bloodwork results.

Terri, great that you're "back in the saddle!" Also glad your day yesterday, although long, was productive. Nice job on your Wednesday goals, too! I prepare my tilapia really simply just spraying it with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and pepper and frying it, which is not the most healthway to prepare fish, but it tastes good. I also microwave-poach mine sometimes right in the plastic in which it came frozen and then season it after I unwrap it. Nice for a really quick lunch or snack for myself. I've never tried fish tacos, but that does sound good. I hope you had a great Thursday.

Cassie, kudos on your food, exercise, and logging Wednesday. I hope you get relief from stress and late working hours soon. Wow, that's a hard decision about your son traveling with those seniors to the championship tennis matches. What did you decide? We got both a wedding invitation and a couples shower (on the same bride and groom) for people we barely know. I did RSVP our regrets for both but haven't decided whether to send a gift. I would if I could find them on a bridal registry somewhere! I guess it's not appropriate to give money unless they're members of our immediate family, eh? OMG on the credit card fraud. I had my purse snatched while my back was turned years ago and although it wasn't pleasant dealing with the bank calling me just about every day, they were quite courteous and we didn't wind up paying even a dime for the over $3500 in fraudulent charges.

HKG, kudos for being back on track! If you can tolerate the carbs in the raisins, that should be OK. Ooh, kudos on the all green Wednesday!

Mike, LOL, I did notice your lack of input on the breast talk. I hope we didn't embarrass you. Kudos on that 3.8 lb. loss!

Tori, your report all week has been pretty darned good! Way to go!

Joanna, great Wednesday report! We'll give you those chicken wings on the house. LOL

Nobe, kudos on your all green food and fitness for Wednesday! We won't look at your bedtime. LOL

Ama, cute story about DS. Kudos on that scale still moving!

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Default Thursday

Goals as made by Mike
1: log everything--YES, YES, YES, no didn't know how to log dinner (not sure how it was prepared)
2: 100oz of water a day--108.5!!, 101.4,48, 135.2+
3: calories 1200-1500--1166 close enough, 1446, 2085, probabaly not
4: some sort of extra activity every day--1.06 miles, housework counts right? It's raining, ran around the house with Jasmine, 2.27 miles
5: 1% challenge--starting weight 187.6, 185.6, 183.4 (-4.2 but like Mike, can I hold it?), not at home and couldn't weigh
6: no kiling people from work--YES (takin' all the fun out), it was touch and go with one of the guys today but I refrained, was off today, YES
7: no crying & be nice to whatshisname--YES, YES there was no crying AND I was nice to whatshisname, YES, there were tears but I didn't take it out on whatshisname
8: do hair and makeup (5 days)--ummm nope, nope, YES!!!, YES
9: no cigarettes, not even a drag--YES!, YES!, YES!,
10: no eating at least 2 hours prior to bed--YES, YES, YES, YES

Other Stuff (to be done Tuesday evening/Wednesday)
DONE!1: fill bird feeders
DONE!2: change cat's litter box
3: scrub floors
DONE! 4: clean out and wash car

Unexpected dinner out to celebrate the whatshisname's niece's last day of school for the year. I didn't go stupid with dinner, but so very unsure how to log it. Couldn't even guess on how to "build it", so I'm not gonna worry about it. The day wasn't crazy food wise, was on course all day until dinner. I got my water in plus more. I am not real sure how long I can keep up the 100+oz of water. I pee all day, and it's not cool at work to have to stop and lock everything down just to take a potty break. I was just extra thirsty today for some reason. My normal Diet Dew intake was cut not only in half, but in like thirds. And I'm still fairly thirsty. So, more water before bed means I'll be up and down all night to the potty. I guess it beats wetting the bed. I did get a nice walk in before dinner though. And a little bit of sun on my otherwise pale pale arms and legs. Calling it a night cause 530 comes early in the morning. TTFN my lovilies!!
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Tori, get a catheter. I was at only 1000 calories by dinner, even after a blast for breakfast. I'll assume dinner was 1000 calories (prolly not that high), you should do the same.
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1.) Workout x3: 2
2.) Stay under 1500 calories/day: ~1890, 1333, 1412, no idea
3.) Drink 64 oz. of water/day: 20 oz., 64 oz., 64 oz., 64 oz.

So my department gave the grad students money for being generally awesome, so we decided to have a giant BBQ. I kinda knew today was going to be a bust in terms of calories, and, like Tori, I wouldn't even know where to start logging. On the plus side, I was at 690 calories going into dinner, but I easily ate 1200 or more for dinner... or maybe less, who knows. Anyway, I got my workout in, and I'm happy with that.
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