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Amy, congrats on the 15# milestone!!! I agree, my confidence soars when I receive positive feedback on my efforts and become so much more inspired. That's the neat thing about this forum--if we're in between milestones, reading about others' inspires each of us to keep strong in our efforts to eat right and exercise. You go, girl!
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Thanks for the encouragement! I keep thinking each day will get easier, but it truly is a battle everyday to make the right choices. I work in a mall across from a bakery and today I could smell their cinnamon rolls baking. Yummmm... I almost tied myself to the chair so I wouldn't walk across the hall to get one, haha.

Does anyone know how many fat grams I should be eating daily? Is there a limit? I see that in an average diet you shouldn't eat more than 60 grams daily. But I'm not sure how many I should consume on my "unaverage" diet.
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Amy, I would think it would depend on two things...your total calories and the type of fat you eat. Healthy fats (nuts, avocados, olive oil, fish, etc.) are much better than the partially hydrogenated stuff that is in fatty foods. Maybe you can determine what percentage of your calories you want to come from fat and then figure out how many grams of fat from there. I've seen people shoot from anywhere from 15-35% of calories from fat, so do some research and some experimenting and get a sense of what's best for you.
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Default A kind of wacko idea

Hi Amy,
I admire your determination. Geez, I think I would find the smells coming from a bakery overwhelming, and I don't even have much of a sweet tooth (lucky me!). One technique that has helped sometimes with irresistable temptation is hypnosis. There is a great book on self-hyponisis by Forbes Robbins Blair that has helped me a lot for over coming fairly simple problems in self control.

If nothing else you might find it entertaining enough to take your mind off of that annoying bakery!

Good luck and keep up the good work.

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I feel ya. My husband is an airman and is very fit. He always says that he supports me but really... nothing. I have the same problem of eating salty food at night. I tried putting up little notes all over the place (like the fridge and cabinet, etc) it does help a little.
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