7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 4/16/12

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I am so sorry I fell off the earth last week! My Internet went down and I couldn't figure out why. I was super busy and didn't have time to try and fix it. On Sunday I realized that my youngest kitten had chewed through the cable. I have finally replaced it and am back.
I have been keeping my goals written down on a sheet of paper but I haven't been tracking my calories. I'm going to input them today and see how I've been doing. Anyway, I'll catch up with you guys after my workout.
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HKG, glad you're back. We had a rabbit chew through our phone line when I was a kid. Your kitty story brought back fond memories of my Thumper. Way to go on keeping your goals written down.

Thursday Report:
Goals Wednesday through Sunday

Blue is not yet a missed goal if I'm going for an average

Calories maximum 1500 1156, 1237
Cholesterol under 300mg 130mg, 213mg
Saturated fat maximum 12% of total calories 12%, 7%
Net Carbs (total carbs less fiber) 25g maximum 26.7g, 24.2g
Fiber average 25g 29g, 27g
Protein average 100g 98g, 128g

Exercise 4 days YES, YES
Water 64 oz. YES, YES
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1: keep calories under 1600--1282, 1484, 1072, not sure but I know I'm over....was feeding my sickness
2: 48 oz water daily--58.7, maybe 16 oz, 33.8, 16.9 but I've had lots of juice today
: walk 10 miles--1.5, nope it rained poodles and persians, still raining, no
4: log everything--Y, Y, Y, N
5: post weight daily--193.0 , 192.4, 191.0, 189.4

I was suckered into Mike's 2% Challenge--which would be 3.86 lbs....we'll see....I'm going to do my damndest though

Going to bed. Will check back tomorrow.
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1) 1,650 calories max/day (allow myself 1 guilt free day over 1,650) - 1641, 1614, 1569, 1619
2) do 2 out of 3 exercises on days I don't work (walking/weights/Richard Simmons) - 2hrs walking (work), 1.5 hrs walking (work)/weights, 1.5 hrs (kinda slow) walking/weights, painted 7 hrs
3) 20% protein minimum - 24%, 26%, 19%, 16%
4) 72oz water minimum - 72oz, either 72oz or 88oz - lost track of how many bottles I had, 64oz, 56oz
5) calorie deficit 600+ - 679, 802, 741, 1120
6) take vitamins - yes, yes, yes, yes
7) lights out by 11 the night before (except Sunday night because apparently I'm hooked on Celebrity Apprentice) - no, no, no, yes
8) log all spending daily - no, no (will catch up tomorrow), no, yes

Barely ate anything today - till I got home. There was an accident and I spent almost two hours waiting for buses/on the bus coming home and by 7:30 I was starving and ate a bunch of spaghetti. Now I'm going to have a couple of cookies (already logged) because 2 hours of commuting in the cold and rain after painting all day on a bowl of bran cereal and a bowl of soup (well and a couple of small snacks like carrots) deserves some cookies, darn it!

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Holy cow Tori, your weight is dropping like crazy!

And April, you look great!
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Health & Wellness Goals
1. Calories under 1000 - W: 1253, T: 1361
2. Walk / exercise everyday - T:N[/COLOR/
3. Drink 150 oz of water /tea every day - M:120, T:144, [CLOR="GREEN"]W:152 [/COLOR] T:
4. Meals at regular time - M:Y, T:N Skipped Bfast), W: Y, T:Y
5. To bed by 11 pm - M:Y, T:N (11:30), W:N (1:30am)

Other Goals
1. Set up fabric shelf
2. Finish quilt project for Saturday's group
3. Dishes everyday - M:Y, T:Y, W:Y, T:Y
4. Complete 1 overdue job at work this week
5. Put in 5 hours on 2010 data entry for taxes

Not a good day for me today and I have to admit I caved in tonite and had an ice cream cone after eating really well all day and making a great stir fry tonite with great nutritional values. So I blew it. I met with a new customer yesterday and found out I was up against a nat'l franchise. I should have bowed out at that point because I knew it was a losing battle. Stayed up late doing the estimate, slept on how I could compete and called her today. Well I was almost 2x higher than the competiton. Sad but oh well, I knew I offered her quality and did not cut corners nor did I shortchange myself. Then my sewing machine broke down and I spent the afternoon working on it. When 5pm rolled around, I shut the door and said it will wait until tomorrow and quit work for the day. No walk, nothing but feeling sorry for myself for a sucky day. I think I should have taken one of my stress supplements today - maybe I would not have caved in. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and no sense in crying over spilled milk. Must get the machine working so I can get back into production mode!

Tori - You will meet your 2% goal this week for sure! Great losses! Hope you are starting to feel somewhat better. Rest and take care of yourself

Lizzie - Hope you had a great time at the Tapas restaurant. I think it would be easy to wathc what you eat there

Frenchhen - Welcome!

April - You're having a great week! Keep at it!

Mern - Cholesterol in is the yolk not the whites. Eliminate 2 of 3 yolks when using. And great job with the exercising!

Off to finish a few things before bedtime
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Health / Fitness Goals ...
1. 100 oz water daily M: 102oz, T: 114oz, W: 128oz, Th: 84oz,
2. No added salt M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yes,
3. No snacks after 8pm except 2 sugar free popsicles (my addiction) M: No, T: No, W: Yep, Th: No,
4. Walk on lunches unless raining M: Yep, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yep,
5. Shred 3 days this week (will finish the course) M: No, T: No, W: Yes!, Th: Yep!, F: No,
6. Weigh and post daily M: 256.6lbs, T: 254.4lbs, W: 254.4lbs, Th: 253.6lbs, F: 253.4lbsChange this week so far: -3.2lbs

Life Goals ...
1. Clean out fish bowl in office M: No, T: No, W: No, Th: No,
2. Clip dog's nails M: Done!!
3. Get out flower pots M: No, T: No, W: No.....I have changed my mind on this one. My roofers bumped our project up to next week instead of next month so I will not be getting them out and in their way. This will be after the roof is done ..... Update Thursday ... I did this anyway. Just got them out and set on the picnic table so that I can pick out the dead stuff and see what is growing this weekend.
4. Read something! M: No, T: about 15mins but I'm counting it!, W: another 15 mins, Th: about 15-20 minutes,

Last night we ordered Pizza Hut. I had them make a veggie lovers on half of one pizza. It saved me 100 calories and like 20g of fat per slice. I ate my 2 slices that I logged and a nice plate of salad with a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and I was so full. Then our roofer came by with the contract to be signed before he can work next week. Even though we are friends state law requires a contract in place a min of 3 days before work can start to allow the 'buyer' time to cancel the order. He said it will be a 3-4 day project with no weather delays and next week has a chance of rain most every day. We are replacing the three skylights as well with this project. No sense in putting new shingles around 18yr old skylights. Also adding roof vents that were not put in when the original owner built the house. The fact that there are no vents in the roof currently is probably the reason why we need a new roof in only 18 yrs too. That and there is no ice guard on the edges under the existing roofing.

Today is going to be a Friday from hell if it plays out like I suspect it will. I have the two slowest warehouse workers today while I will have orders from all of our sales people because there is a regional sales meeting today. I already told the one that started at 7am to make sure he stays caught up because it won't be pretty this afternoon if he is still trying to pack orders and all the salespeople show up to start picking up their stuff to deliver to customers. The warehouse supervisor feels my pain but they are union and they bid it this way so it just stinks and there isn't anything I can do about it. They may find out that I am not always quite as nice as they think I am though. Today just might be that day! LOL

I promise to try to go back through and catch up on what you have all been up to. I feel so out of touch when I dont' have time to read all the posts.
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Tori You are rapidly disappearing before our very eyes.

Terri Great news on the job front, hope you get the one you really want.

Mern We did go Tapas last night and i really enjoyed it, we just chose 5 dishes and shared them. Grilled chicken with a lemon and garlic dressing, goat's cheese salad, corriander lamb, all good choices. But of course there were 2 not so good and im sad to say I did eat my shre of those, however the portions are pretty small and you only have half each so not very very bad.

Here is my progress this week


1 stay below 1200 per day Y Y Y ?

2 No alcohol until Palma on 28 Apr Y N N N

3 30 min brisk walk at least 5 days this week plus some ab crunches every day. Y N Y Y Y
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Checking in!

Mern: thanks for the welcome! I am glad you are a walker too! It has been SO important to my loss! I get some of my best thinking done when I walk. I sort out all my issues, problems, set goals, everything on those walks. ALWAYS a positive workout for me! I would be lost without my pedometer, it's like my little buddy. I put it on the minute I get out of bed and take it off before I go to sleep. I am glad your doctor's scale is kind. I go next week, wish me luck!

April: a new roof! 18 years is pretty good for a roof! Where we live they last from hailstorm to hailstorm, about 5 years, even if they are rated a 40 year roof. Are you talking about a ridge vent? They are becoming quite popular in our area too. We survived the last hailstorm without needing a new roof, but next time, we'll get a ridge vent when they replace the shingles.

Terri: I feel for you with the travel hangups. They can get you very unmotivated very quickly and the food choices in airports are less than healthy! Hope things are cheery for you today.

Cassie: My family has a hard time finding restaurants too. I always just let everyone else pick, I cook every meal in this house and for once I don't want to make another choice. We don't eat out very often so luckily those choices don't happen, but as of late I just let everyone else pick.

Tori: I hope you are feeling better today. Fresh Pineapple will heal a sore throat.

Jeanne: Okay, you had a little(?) Ice cream. Log it, burn it, slap it on out of there! What kind of machine do you have? I sew too! (your goals helped me set my goals!)

Lizards: Tapas are so fun! Sounds like you picked some of my favorites!

Health Goals this week
walk 5 days M, T, Th, F
Water aerobics 1 day Y
Water walking 1 hour Y
64 oz water minimum per day Th,

Personal Goals
Get guest room "guest ready" Y!
Frame needlework
Quilt 2 hours before Saturday
Wash dogs
Trim Dog nails
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Tori, hope you're feeling a little better today. We ignore that red when one is sick.

Nobe, all that painting burns a lot of calories! Yeah, you gotta get your protein up, but I know being so busy is what accounted for that yesterday. Glad you got to bed by 11:00 last night. LOL on your cookie reasoning.

Jeanne, I see your red for calories, but you're averaging only a little over 1100 this week. If you mentioned it before, I either missed it or forgot it; just curious--why is your calorie goal that low? I'm just used to seeing 1200 as the lowest most people go for. Do you have an important goal deadline? Also missed if you posted it--what is your line of work in which you're up against a national franchise--clothing? I hope you have/had a less sucky day today. Thanks for your advice on the eggs. I do know the cholesterol is in the yolks, and that's a good reminder for if I'm out for breakfast at a place that offers egg white omelets. At home I use egg substitute made from whites so I don't wind up wasting yolks from fresh eggs because no one else eats my leftover egg yolks.

April, great job on the pizza. Ah, it'll be so nice when your new roof is done, especially with the replacement skylights. We got a new roof just last year and hopefully at our age it'll be the last roof we ever need. Same with the new entry door we got several weeks ago. Today DH is putting in a new florescent light over the kitchen sink. I've been wanting a new one for years but he's one who doesn't like to replace things until they're hopelessly worn out--which is why I'm driving a thirteen year old car--darned thing still runs great. Aw, I hope you have a better Friday at work than you anticipate!

Lizzie, great job at Tapas yesterday! All your choices sound really yummy to me!

Frenchhen, your walks are productive in more ways than one. Kudos on using that pedometer, too. I use my walks in a different way. Because my day is filled with child care and transportation of my grandkids, in addition to the purpose of exercise for the good of my body, I use it to just veg out and relax while watching TV on the treadmill at the gym. Nice that at age 65 my health insurance pays for the membership at the YMCA. I do wish you luck for your next weigh-in at the doc's office next week. Let us know how that went.

Well, I was going to the Y today but I'd better exercise on my aerobic walking DVD because DH is going to be installing that new lighting fixture over the kitchen sink and undoubtedly he'll need me to hold something or fetch something for him. Maybe I can get done before he gets home or before he hollers for help. Off to fill my water bottle and then will pop in the DVD.

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