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almeeker 03-05-2012 02:36 PM

Tori, I grew up in a place that has coyotes too. If you ever encounter one, do not run, they are programmed to chase. If you stand your ground they usually back off, they teach the kids around here to "Stand and Roar", which actually works rather well to chase them off. Wolves on the other hand are much more aggressive. We have those around here too, they are particularly opportunistic in the mating department, and it's not uncommon for a domestic dog to end up with a litter of 1/2 wolf pups. And I agree, insomnia does suck.

Quin, OMG bears? Wow, now those are scary! We've had just a few of those around here and it's always big news. But my brother and his family went camping up north and during the night a bear attack their coolers. Pulled the plastic one completely apart and put teeth marks through the metal sides on another. They watched the whole thing through the window of their camper, wishing they'd brought a gun. But once the bear had eaten all of the lunch meat, hot dogs, marshmallows and jam, it left. They still have the metal cooler with the teeth marks in it and they still go camping up north, but now they bring a firearm, raise all their coolers up into a tree at night and sprinkle dog poo all around the campsite. Weird, but apparently it works to keep the bears away.

ruby, sorry to hear that you're having some postpartum issues. I had something similar with our first. Do you have any hobbies that you can do sitting down? If not it might be the perfect time to teach yourself to knit or embroider. I know it's hard, finally you can bend over and touch your toes, but um no you can't. Just be patient and give your body time to heal, the more patient you are the faster you'll be better. And when you feel hungry drink a big glass of water before you eat something. I was never so thirsty in my life as I was postpartum.

almeeker 03-05-2012 03:11 PM

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 (Post 75047)
Amy-I swear you really are Super Mom!! I wanna be like you when I grow up! :)

And don't brag about your little vacay. I wanna go back and I've only been home for a week! :eek:

Have fun though

LOL, no I'm not supermom. I've met her, she's really not that nice. I'm more like "middle of the road mom, with the occasional moment of genius". I just try and do what's right for the kiddos, they steer the boat and I do whatever I can to keep the boat motor running, and in the process make darn sure they aren't spoiled rotten.

I felt so bad for my little Molly Pitcher yesterday. I took her out for ice cream, she was little Miss Longface, and then I mentioned that a local park here had volunteers dressed in period costumes and that maybe our club should check in to that. Her whole face just lit up, so that's what we'll do. I think it'll be fun, I even promised to make her a new petticoat and skirt. Her Molly Pitcher petticoat has a pair of cannon holes through it. Okay, not actual cannon holes, I cut them with a pair of scissors, and she blackened them with markers and brown boot polish. Because according to the diary of a soldier, Molly Pitcher took a cannon shot between the knees, which took away part of her dress and put a hole straight through her petticoat. Without batting an eye Molly commented that, "tis a good thing it wasn't any higher or it might have taken away somethin' else". And then she continued firing her cannon for the rest of the battle. She is the only woman that George Washington promoted to Sergent in his army, she also received a full army pension. And her name wasn't "Molly Pitcher" it was "Mary Ludwig Hayes", her husband was Irish and spoke with a brogue, which stressed the "a" and rolled the "r", hence the confusion. OMG it's a crying shame she's not going to State, it's such a great story, and my little Molly can deliver it with a good bit of humor.

01gt4.6 03-05-2012 03:37 PM

I'm in.

Kumochi 03-05-2012 03:44 PM

I'm In i need some structure although I will be away for 2 days. I've packed my swimsuit and gym clothes as there is a fitness centre at the hotel. No excuses. I just need to tune up my mind. Coming here helps with that. mary

Mern 03-05-2012 03:53 PM

Got in my 2 miles this morning plus an extra 5 minutes. Goals this week are the same as always, so I won't list them until tomorrow in my Monday report.

Luv, wishing your DD a speedy recovery!

Hope! You did not hijack the thread last week. Your pals here freely responded because they care about you--no apology necessary. Big hug to ya!

Ruby wishing you a speedy recovery back to your normal body and activities. Glad to learn that the baby is doing well, too. Awesome is quite well. :D

Hi, Kim. I hope your day gets more energetic.

Quinn, congrats on success with your goals last week. That IS sad about the deer struggling to walk in all that snow. Must be awfully hard for them to get to a food supply. What do deer eat in the winter?

Amy! OMG major congrats to DD10 for earning 1st place individual in the history competition! Aw, that's great how you encouraged Molly Pitcher into staying in the History club. Kudos to you for all the work you do with the kids! Enjoy that vacation and best wishes on catching up with the our thread.

yourbadd 03-05-2012 04:03 PM

Good Monday world!! I'm back from the cold from he!! that attacked last week. I'm still a little congested but a heap better than I was. Despite being sick then a weekend out of town with tons of food served and the MOST amazing chocolate cake, I am down a few ounces from last week. Not as much progress I need to hit my goal but better than going up!! I got some pretty good news brother and his girl friend of 7years are getting married in July!! I am looking forward to being much lighter then and will be wearing a hot new dress!! Got a lot of things going this week between work and home but feeling better and optimistic about it all.

Fitness goals for this week:
Calories under 1500:
Water above 80oz:
Exercise 30 mins/6days:
Current weight 177.8-want to drop 2lbs

Other goals for week:
Get all baked goods for work finished by Thursday afternoon
Get all laundry from weekend done and put away
Research new greenhouse and start planning garden
Get sign advertising egg sales put hens are going nuts laying eggs and I'm running out of room to store them!!

quinnesec 03-05-2012 04:07 PM

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 (Post 75046)

When I was walking Thursday evening I kept hearing something rustling in the woods beside me, and it unnerved me enough to find out what it was. Yeah, it was a blue jay LOL!! I've been out of the country and in the city too long!!

Starting weight this week is....199.4 lbs

On your next vacation, I think I'll get you up on a pair of snowshoes, ski poles, backpack ( and snacks, of course!) and take you on my favorite trails... no streets or perfectly planned parks... no sir! Backwoods trail hiking! Rock cliffs, deep woods, no perfectly groomed trails, no picnic areas or rest stops... lol. I'll shake that city girl out of you! LOL :D

Seriously, the only time that I was ever afraid of trail hiking/backpacking was when I was in the mountains in Tennessee. A local hiker told us about a great place to go. We hiked almost 9 miles into an unbelievable waterfall, but miscalculated the amount of daylight left. For some reason, the hike felt "off" to me right from the start and I felt really creepy and vulnerable. I asked my husband to quit about 2 miles in, that we would go back in the morning, but he wanted to continue, so we did. To make a long story short, we lost our daylight about 2 miles from our SUV and then it was really creepy.

The next week, after we had returned home, I saw on CNN that a young girl had been mauled by a cougar near that same waterfall. I have no idea how I knew, but something just didn't feel safe about that place.

ToriD1012 03-05-2012 04:08 PM

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 (Post 75056)
I'm in.

those are some lovely goals! ;)

I am still going through the paperwork that was left for me while I was on vacation. And I have a it really so difficult to staple two pieces of paper together so that the edges of the papers are even?? I'm not asking that my replacements angle the staple the same as I, just line the paperwork up so it's a nice neat stack that will fit into the BAE (big ass envelope) without having to be shoved into it. I know that I'm a tad bit anal about my work, but it makes it easier in the long run. For me and the chicks at the corporate office who have to go back through everything. A this girl (current replacement) has a college degree. HOW did she get through 4 years of higher education not being organized? SiGh! I need to train a new replacement. K, I think through now....maybe not though, I still have a sh*tload of paperwork to go through

quinnesec 03-05-2012 04:11 PM

OH... and great job starting at 199.4!!! It must be great to see those numbers moving for you! :)

ToriD1012 03-05-2012 04:15 PM

Quinn--we HAVE nice backwoods trails that aren't groomed, and I'm all up for the hikes, when the weather turns warmer LOL! I'm a southern girl, I don't hike in snow. And yeah you have to be careful in the mtns in TN (and some in NC), it gets dark quick up there. I'm roughly a 20 minute drive to the NC border and have the advantage of going hiking when I want, so I'll definitely have to look into that when it warms up a lil bit

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