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Originally Posted by Lizards13 View Post

New bra, new shape. Bosom back in the right place, just like that song " bra lift us up where we belong"
Too funny! Now I'm going to have that rolling around in my head all evening...

Cassie, I hate to admit it, but the biggest obstacle to me accomplishing anything is usually my attitude. Once I adjust my attitude and focus on taking it one assignment at a time, I'm sure I will feel less overwhelmed. If nothing else, 8 weeks goes by pretty dang fast.
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I finally won the battle (this time) with the computer/internet. Now I'm super busy and haven't had time to eat. Not good.

I set some new Custom Nutrition Goals and I guess that'll be one of the things I shoot for this week.

Health and Fitness

1. Cals 1800-2100
2. Fat 60-70g
3. Carbs 180-210g
4. Fiber 25-40g
5. Protein 135-157.5
This works out to 40/30/30. I'll give myself a 5% swing b/c it will be nearly impossible to get it to the number.
6. Post log food EVERY DAY
7. Bench press 260#
8. gallon of water a day
9. 4 serving of fruit/veggies

10. Write 3 policies
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Default Starting off on the wrong foot...

Well with all the computer issues I had today, I am just getting home. All I had to eat while at work all day was snacks (a serving of almonds, and orange and a cheese stick). Needless to say I was hungry when I just walked in so I make me a PB&J sammich. I am way under on my calories and I know my pie chart probably looks like it's been run over. I hope I can finish today the right way. I'm beat and tired so today's going to be my "rest day"... what's left of it.

Who am I kidding.... I'm the only one in the ghost town. Where is everyone??
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Sorry you had such a rough day Mike, it's so easy to eat the wrong things when you come home starving like that. Take a break after your pb&j before you go looking for something else so you don't make impulsive choices, I speak from experience! Hope tomorrow is a much better day for you!

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Thanks Julie. I'm not sweating the PB&J, I eat them daily. I jut hate going the work day without food.
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I'm with you Mike. I don't do well going all day without eating. I came home tonight and was hungry, but I also needed to go to the grocery store so my quick and easy options were limited. I managed, but I have to get organized so it doesn't happen so often. I did manage to get in some kettlebells this evening though.
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Amy, thanks to you and bunny for starting us up.

Pam, yeah, bunnies are smart to tell us to eat our veggies. I hope you get your post menopausal stuff ironed out quickly. Are you having any caffeine before bed--that caused me some post menopausal sleep disturbances until I got decaffeintated. Chemical hygiene? As in keeping test chemicals off oneself or what?

Cassie I did have a good weekend and hope you did, too. I was busy all day today doing our taxes and dealing with some other family and household responsibilites--and I'm reserving the right to say I had a good excuse for not logging on until now. Golly, a decent amount of sleep really is a necessity--we women are so bad at being martyrs for our families--and if we do that, we pay the price as you did for the past two week's "non-me" behavior. LOL on the "I will get it together." It's committed to your memory since you posted it here, so you can put your pencil down. Big hug to ya! I got a good chuckle out of you crossing your spleen for Terri. LOL

Mea, welcome! Your goals look great to get off those six pounds. You sound really committed to working hard.

Terri, so sorry 'bout your motherboard woes! Glad you mentioned it, though, because I just worked up a spreadsheet today and didn't think to burn it onto a CD. Would hate to have to do that all over again! Wow, good for you for putting your priorities in order and doing the "...well that sucks" and then moving on. WOW, CONGRATS ON ALL YOUR EXERCISE!!! I didn't think you'd have to grow and show pit hair for us. LOL Neat that the disc golf helped--I never would have thought about the low impact helping, but now that you mentioned it, walking is what gets my back feeling better when it's acting up. Nachos and beer are worth the little "uppage" for the Super Bowl, girl.

mh, best wishes on all your college stuff.

Tori, hi!

Mike, glad you won over the computer. I didn't have time to eat today, either--no cheats, low calories, but unbalanced. I'll set my goals tomorrow for Tuesday through Sunday.

Julie, great that your pumpkin flaxmeal muffins turned out great. I also use Bob's Red Mill brand. Lizzie might like to try that, too.

Lizzie, did you see Julie's recipe for her pumpkin flaxmeal muffins? I've got one, but mine are surely heavier because I can't have the flour or applesauce due to blood sugar issues, but it really does look like a great recipe! Loved your bra song. LOL!

Darlene, fruit and a protein shake is a wonderful breakfast! Did you enjoy your hike in the sunshine?

Ashlie, welcome back and best wishes on shucking those 18 lbs. Oh, the nail-biting...I absent-mindedly gnawed a pinky and a thumb today while problem solving.

Kay, congrats on being down 2.5 lbs. and on the miles you accomplished. Best wishes with your last course.

Luv, wow! Impressive 10 miles on the weekend! You're right up there with Tori, Pam, and Mike! Also glad your back is better! Best wishes on this week's goal tweaking. More veggies getting in on a regular basis is good! Congrats on that, too.

My apologies to the others I know I missed but my mind is tired and I can't think of who all deserves the mileage kudos.
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I am posting now for a couple reasons. First, to make sure I go exercise (I'm dangerously close to saying skip it) and second, because this is such a danger snacking time for me. So by the time I log back on, I want to be able to say I was successful in both.

So far I dodged a big bullet today...I can't remember the last time we had fried chicken...I think the last time I made it was in our old house, and that was over 8 years ago. However, my son loves it and today was a really big day for him, so that's what he had. I had leftover pasta with shrimp marinara sauce, but, wow, the chicken smelled so good!

There are leftovers in the fridge, but I think I'm good for tonight. I think.
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I need goals this week. Last week was like a train wreck. Ugh!

Health / Fitness
1. 100oz water daily
2. Limit one diet soda daily
3. No salt added to plate
4. Walk on lunch unless raining or working through it
5. Exercise 3 times during Weds-Sun
6. 500 calorie daily deficit (3500 for the week)

Life Goals...
1. Take things one day at a time

I think that will do it for now. I haven't been very good at logging lately (for months actually) but I will have to log if I want to see my deficit. Hopefully I will meet that goal.
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Monday Check-in

Health & Fitness:

1. Calories 1,400 week days, 1,600 weekends. 1,357
2. 100 oz water. Y
3. 7 hours exercise. 50 min
4. Calorie deficit 5,000. -774
5. Protein 25% or higher. 27%
6. Log & report everyday. Y
7. Last Monday 165.8. Post weight: 164

Other stuff:

1. Finish 1 rabbit cage, cut pieces for 3 more. N
2. Finish my little part of the taxes. N
3. Housework 45 min daily +1 load of laundry. YY
4. Write calendar for G.S. N
5. Distribute 4-H calendar. N
6. Cut out pieces for Betsy Ross costume. N
7. Write and send out Valentines. N
8. Write down the most wonderful thing that happened. This is going to sound strange, but the most wonderful thing that happened today is that our youngest was the only one to have a case of head lice. Everybody else in this house is louse-free. Ugh, this motherhood business is not for the faint of heart.

I'm exhausted, today went well enough health-wise, although not so well with my other goals. I ended up not being able to meet up with my workout partner this afternoon, because the youngest suddenly started itching her head with both hands saying, "argh my head is soooo itchy". I know this scratch, seen it before, so I immediately got a comb out and did a search, low and behold she's got a very mild case of HEAD LICE!!! I didn't see any live ones, just a small handful of nits, but still YUCK. So we raced off to get the shampoo, and I went into "don't share this, don't borrow that" mode. Took about an hour to get the treatment done and a full out bug seek and destroy mission completed. I was sort of freaking out because when one member of the fam has it, well a louse can jump 4'-0", and we've all been home all weekend together, do the math. Right? Wrong, I went over everybody's head after school, hair by hair and the youngest is the only one carrying extra riders. Amen. We did get a pretty good laugh over the things I did find, glitter, red paint, white paint, freckles, pink fuzzies, green fuzzies, what appeared to be dried yogurt and a mild case of cradle cap.

I hate Kindergarten. Okay, I don't hate it, but it's often a trial I don't deserve. On top of that I got a nasty note from the Kindergarten teacher saying that I owed snack dues. Which is bunk, I paid all of my snack dues the first week of school, I actually overpaid because she couldn't make change. But I'm getting even, cause tomorrow she's going to have to give all the kids a head check and send home the note saying there's been a case in the classroom. That'll teach her to send me a nasty note HA.

I have to turn in, I'm nearly snoring on the keyboard.
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