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The Holidays are OVER, NO MORE EXCUSES, Motivational Thread Starting 1/9/12 >

The Holidays are OVER, NO MORE EXCUSES, Motivational Thread Starting 1/9/12


The Holidays are OVER, NO MORE EXCUSES, Motivational Thread Starting 1/9/12

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Default The Holidays are OVER, NO MORE EXCUSES, Motivational Thread Starting 1/9/12

Morning everybody, I'm on fire this morning to get healthy and fit, and willing to share, drag, beat anyone who's not feeling it. Roll call, who's in?
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Health Goals:

1. CALORIES 1,400 M-F, 1,600 SS!
3. WATER 100oz DAILY!

Other Goals:

1. Write Valentines letter.
2. Finish 1 rabbit cage.
3. Housekeeping, 45 min/daily + 1 load of laundry.
4. Call doctor's office, straighten out meds.
5. Drop form off at the pediatricians office for school.
6. Make reservations for "My Guy and I Girl Scout Bowling".

Last week I did fairly well, but Saturday was a disaster. I think I let myself get too hungry. my workout partner and I went on a really long walk right in the middle of the day. Normally I workout in the morning or at night and eat a meal immediately afterward. But we finished our walk at 2:30, I'd already eaten lunch, and it was hours before dinner, and my snack just wasn't enough. I ended up grazing from 2:30-6:00 and then we went to the pub; complete and utter calorie disaster, like 3,500+ bad . Sunday was a little better, but I always struggle the day after a fall, spent most of yesterday slapping my own hands.

When I first starting on this journey I used a pedometer, swore by it. Clipped to myself first thing in the morning and set it on the bedside table right before shutting off the light at night, with a daily goal of 10,000 steps. I did that everyday for about 18 months. Then it stopped working perfectly. It works, but I think it took a trip through the washing machine? And now the aerobic function doesn't work, and it may or may not record your steps, and it eats batteries like mad. So for Christmas my SIL (who is an insane fitness/runner/marathon sort) gifted me with a new one. Yesterday I removed it from the bubble wrap and got it fired it up and programmed for my weight and stride length. It's not exactly like my old one, but it's the same brand and style. Fingers crossed that it's just as motivating as my last one.
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I'm with you; I need a reboot, too . This year, I'm finding that what worked before isn't really working for me now, so I'll put out a few tried and true goals and also some new thoughts and see what sticks.

Part of the problem is letting myself get too hungry.
Part of the problem is slipping with borderline treats (frozen yogurt, granola bars, chocolate Vitatops etc.) that are fine when in maintenance but are turning out to be huge triggers these days.
Part of the problem is skipping workouts because of not having energy, not having time, and the cancellation of my cardio class .
*Insert Mike's "Hey, Fattie, Excuses..." thread here.* None of these is an excuse.

1. 1350 calorie limit daily.
2. Limit processed foods.
3. 2 sports bottles of water...don't count tea, flavored water, etc.
4. Exercise 6 times.
5. Log everything (even the small stuff: cough drops, vitamins...).
6. Do at least one journal entry in FD daily.
7. Take all vitamins and supplements.
8. No treats passing as snacks (see above).

And: Something wonderful that happened to me today was:

Some food for thought: I had a really good day yesterday and felt more in control than I had in a long time. I eliminated all processed foods/artificial ingredients for an entire day. It was a good shake up to the system, but it's not practical for every day, especially for this busy week coming up. That being said, I want to get as close as I can. It was really a wakeup call to realize that even though I don't "cook from a box," so to speak, even things that I eat all the time that I consider relatively healthy (low carb tortillas, yogurt, reduced fat cheese, WW pasta, deli turkey) are processed.

Good luck to you, Amy, and to everyone else jumping in today. We can do this, and we will .

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I'm in!! While I have yet to hit a real "funk" I have been slipping on a few things, namely curbing my diet dew intake. No excuses, it's my fault. I'll post real goals later, for now I'm gonna enjoy a rainy Monday at work.

Side note, I've decided to play a little game with the guys here (although THEY don't know they're playing). It's called Lets See Who Picks Up The Trash Out Of The Floor First. I coddle these guys way too much, picking up after them. It makes me wonder what their houses look like....

Will check back in with y'all later
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Good Morning Everyone!

Looking at my calendar, my week is going to be a tactical mess. My schedule is loaded with multiple entries and my days are going to be very long with meetings, a funeral, senior class organizational stuff, elder care issues, appointments, etc.

Food-wise, I'm doing really well and my eating and weight are in control (...for this time of year, anyway!) I definitely could use more stress reducing outdoor activities, but I guess that will have to wait. So, I'm going to post very simplistic goals that I will be following during the week, although I may not get to the forum to be as active as I know I should be. I'll pop in as often as I can because if I didn't, I'd miss you all!

So, for this week my goals are to:

1. Plan my meals in the morning, well ahead of time.
2. Keep calories as close to 1200 as possible.
3. Just say "NO!" to treats offered at meetings, such as cake, punch, cookies, etc.
4. Drink, drink, drink... suitable choices of course.
5. Don't eat because I'm stressed, tired, overwhelmed, etc. Take things one hour at a time.
6. If meetings are over supper time, make something in the morning that can be heated up later... in other words, avoid drive-thrus!
7. Get to bed at a decent hour.

Enjoy your Monday, all!

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Oops! I didn't see that Amy had started us out. I was in a hurry and was looking for "7 Day Motivational....." as the first part of the title.

Thanks, Amy.

Mike, you can go ahead and delete my duplicate opening thread now. Very kind of you to leave it up long enough for me to copy and paste my post.

New members welcome--jump in any time, any day. We start a new thread each week.

I'm happy to report I lost two pounds last week.

Going with the same goals that are working for me right now:

Calorie limit 1600
Carbs less fiber 25g
Average daily fiber 25g
Average daily cholesterol 300mg
Average daily sat fat 12%
Fruits/veggies 5 servings per day

Water 48 oz.
Artificial sweetener limit 2 pks. per day
Sugar free dark chocolate miniatures limit 2 per day
Vitamin D and fish oil capsules daily

Stolen idea Each day name something wonderful that happened or a complaint/inconvenience that reminded me of a blessing to be counted
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Mike, congrats! Be proud that despite crashing and burning twice last week, you still worked hard enough to drop 5 pounds last week! Bravo! I hope your dentist trip goes well and then you enjoy your partying at the Superdome. Kind of a waste to diet at a tailgate party. Just enjoy yourself--plenty of time to make up for goal overages later.

Tori, so glad you had such a great time with CN. OMG, you might know he's about to be deployed--where to? I hope that relationship works out the way you want it to. You had a VERY good week on your calories and control of stress. Best wishes this week on exercise.

Cassie, I do like you--my day runs from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I can't go to sleep hungry, though, so I'd have wound up cheating if I wanted to eat BECAUSE I was hungry, not just for a taste treat. Kudos on your control. When I slept last night, I slept well. But I drank 24 oz. of iced tea after 8PM and woke up four freakin' times to go to the bathroom. Fell right back to sleep after each trip, though and enjoyed an amusing, enjoyable dream about driving a sleigh in the snow--funny thing is that I had hold of the reins but there were no horses. Geez, I hope that doesn't have any bad psychological implications! LOL Must not have since I was enjoying the dream.

fit4luv, you had a very good week. Being flexible enough to change goals is wonderful! Best wishes on your strength training if you decide to add it.

Darlene, glad you feel better about your upcoming mammo. A lot of people don't like spinach cooked. The "eh" may have entered my vocabulary from either my Canadian friends here or from Bugs Bunny. LOL Thanks for your encouragement on my week's accomplishments. Ooh, best wishes on your second job interview. Keep us posted! Wow, you had a GREAT goal week despite being sick. Kudos on THAT! Hope you slept well.

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Amy I am in, my fire is a fever this morning so neocitron in hand I will do my best. Enjoy your new pedometer, I love mine.

Cassie Good luck with your goals this week.

Tori Have a good day at work. I really hope someone picks up that trash and wins the game if not it may make you crazy to watch how many of them step over it.

Quinn Congratulations at getting your weight and food back in control. I hope your busy week goes well and you get some quiet time for yourself.

Mern Way to go on your 2lb loss! Thanks! I slept well thanks to nyquil but I have a really high fever this morning and feel really achy. I postponed my hike until tomorrow so I need to will myself better today as I have my second interview tomorrow also.

I am going to spend today on cold medicine and under warm blankets I need to beat this cold today I have to much to do this week to be this sick. I already feel guilty I know the dishes were not cleaned up after dinner last night and they are just sitting their getting crusty. I am going back to bed I hope you all have a great monday.

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Default Onto a brand new week . . .

FIT Challenge --[Mon-Sat] Sun= "Cushion" Day


*/* Audio Bible ---->

*/* Attend Health Support Group ------->
*/* Report In Daily to 7-Day Motivational Thread. ----->

*/* Non-starchy Veg. 4 serv. daily ----->
*/* Starchy Food 8 serv.daily ----->

*/* Vit. & Fish Oil Daily ----->

*/* STEPS wkly ~ 14 mi * 30,000 steps --->
*/* AEROBIC wkly {120"} ---->

Firm & Flex ~ */* Strong Women x2 wkly ----->
.................................................. ..............................
almeeker ~ I love the pedometer. It's a great motivator! Best wishes on reaching your 10,000 steps daily!

Cassie ~ It's such a challenge to figure out what to adjust health-wise as our bodies & lives change. I hope you can soon figure out what's the next best for yourself!

Tori ~ I like your "game" of picking up. It as if my girls have blind eyes when it comes to picking up. When I point something out, their response often is, "What's messed up?" or "I don't see anything to pick up!"

Darlene ~ Hope you can get well soon!!! Please pamper yourself as much as you can.

mern ~ on your weight loss!

To everyone else -- Hope you all have a great & healthy day!

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I'm in!

Congrats to Mike and Mern for dropping pounds

Hey Darlene, guilt has its place, but I don't think worrying about leaving the dinner dishes when you are burning up w/fever is one of them. Get your rest, the dishes can wait.

Cassie, so what's changed that the old tricks just aren't working?

Tori- can't wait to see the results of your little game at work. I home it helps in your retraining effort. Guys, your mommy does not work here: clean up after yourself!

Quinn, I have a chopped up week too mostly away from home at a conference. Sometimes a conference can be a great thing for my diet, none of the triggers and traps common around the house. And sometimes it is a disaster with midmorning and afternoon break treats, and meals out. We shall see which pattern emerges this week .

1. 2 liters H20, one during the day, one after dark
2. Measure blood pressure daily
3. No white food
4. Carbs less than 40%
5. 90g protein
6. 1 tempo (or hill) run, 1 long run
7. 1600 calories
8. 1 random act of kindness/day
Already did the BP - man, it was so under control last fall. I am not sure what is going on now
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