New to FitDay and Atkins diet

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Default New to FitDay and Atkins diet

Hi, everyone! This weekend i purchased the new Atkins book and started my diet on Monday. I am 49 yrs old, divorced mother of a 19 yr old daughter and 18 yr old son. I have been overweight most of my life; weighed around 180 when i was 28 and became pregnant with my daughter, gained to around 220 with her pregnancy, lost down to 200 then became pregnant again with my son. Didn't gain that much with him, but he came two months premature. Since then I have gradually just kept gaining weight until my current weight of 300 and I am 5'6". I have tried several diets over the years; would lose 25 pounds and gain it back plus some each time. I haven't really tried again to lose the weight until recently...I started dieting 3-4 weeks ago with my sister who is 5'3" and weighs 258 and who found out in the past year that she is diabetic. But neither one of us lost any. I want to lose as much as I possibly can by May 23, the date my son graduates from highschool and then in July it is my 30 (actually 32, we are late) year highschool reunion. I have also been short of breath whenever I take the stairs to get to my second floor office at work. That scares me and I know I need to get this weight off for my health. The first couple of days following the atkins plan have worked pretty good. I've lost a few pounds and feel motivated to stick with it.
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Welcome to the fitday community, Judy! I have found this site and in particular the forums to be a very important piece of the puzzle in the fat loss equation. Hope you do too!
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Lovely to hear from you Judy! I've just started following a high protein/low carb diet and was despairing of anyone else doing the same method. I've not weighed myself yet but I've been really hungry the last few days - was a BIG bread and cake eater, not helped by feeding my 17 month son all the time so I'm looking forward to finishing phase 1. Good luck and I'm envious of you having a diet buddy - though this forum keeps me sane!
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Hi Judy and Vivobliv. I'm new at both Atkins (first real day) and this site. I'm hoping to find some good information that will help me as I get started, and hopefully, someday reach my goal.

Any and all pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I've started to use the calorie counter here, but how do I get it to calculate net carbs instead of total carbs? Do any of you know? Right now, that's my biggest hurdle is how to keep track on-the-go.

"Talk" with you soon!
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Good Morning Ladies...

6 years ago I used Atkins and Fitday to lose 60 pounds...Since then I've had four years of a very abusive relationship and eventually gained backed 30 of those pounds...My ex did all in his power to "uglify" me, which included urging me to gain weight, so that I would be unattractive to anyone else

Well I'm out of the relationship now and back here on Atkins and Fitday...Today is my first day of Induction...It worked for me before and it will work for me again

My best advice is to weigh and measure EVERYTHING and be compulsive about recording it all in your food diary...That was how I learned what worked for me...I can eat a healthy diet, but am terrible with portion control...Weighing, measuring and recording kept me on track

I'm 59 now, so my metabolism is even slower and it's gonna be tough...I'm going for a 40 pound loss this time and have set September 30th as my goal date

I would love to have a partner or two for daily encouragement...We could compare food diaries, exercise plans, etc.

Anyone interested, please let me know
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I too am new to this site and Atkins. I've be eating low carb since 5/2 and bought the Atkins book last Friday, started induction on Monday. I'm down 5 lbs. I've gained 40 lbs over the last 2 yrs and limiting calories and exercise hasn't made a bit of difference. I'm 49 yrs old and what changed 2 yrs ago, and simultaneously, was marriage and menopause. I'm optimistic that this approach will work because so far the scale is heading in the right direction, where before I would try so hard only to pack on another 5 lbs. Good luck to all of you and am looking forward to sharing our successes.

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hi everyone. I´ve been doing Atkins exactly 2 months now and have lost about 15 kg. I have about 35 kg to go. I am almost 27 and mother of three boys, and I want to be there for them, as long as I can.

Hope we can all incourage each other on the road to a healthier and better life.
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Default Back to Fitday and Low Carb

I't!s been a while since i used fitday p/c on a daily basis, and I gained weight,

the great thing about this program is that the more you use it the better it gets, good and bad days

I was satisfied with my weight loss, but the weight was creeping back. A few days recording my food intake proved I was eating too much!

For me, I must limit my carbs. I eat ton of salads and good green veggies, peppers and berries, tomaotes as a treat.

2000 is my daily limit and at first, the same safe foods untill i got over the sugar withdrawal.

make yourself accountable,know when to stop. creating the custom list is fun and keeps you busy. after a few years its also a life journal of special occasions and how you handled yourself after getting back to the daily routine.

so now I'm happy to record, that the scale is going down, and I have kept my food log for 3 weeks so far. It's 7pm and I'm done eating for the day-am I hungry? no so don't eat.
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Hi there! I just started Atkins and I am, so far, enjoying it. How are you doing on it. Would love to have a group to chat with about it.
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