I feel better...or do I?

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Default I feel better...or do I?

I've had a mini revelation this morning. I've been arguing with my boyfriend a lot lately. Maybe folks who have been with someone a long time would say this is just a part of what happens when you're with someone long term (it's been about 2 1/2 years now), but we so rarely argue that it's really putting a rift between us. It's christmas time, we shouldn't be fighting, right?

Well, I recall one of my co-workers going cold turkey and not eating carbs or caffeine for a full week. She was gearing up for a tropical vacation she has planned this January. But I recall that during her 'cold turkey' week, she was awful to be around; mad at the world; shooting death looks at everyone. By the next week, she had apologized to everyone for being so mean and attributed it to her sudden cut off thinks she especially enjoyed (she used to drink two sodas a day and completely cut it out of her diet, etc.).

Back to me...after a couple of months of letting my workouts and eating habits slacken, I've really reigned myself back in. I've been back to my usual workout routine and have managed to eat healthy on a consistent basis. I've lost a few pounds, my clothes fit great again, and I look so much better.

But to all of this I ask...is is possible that I'm in a bad mood because I've cut all the sugary junk and "feel good" foods from my diet? Is this just some psychological trick I'm telling myself to feel better about why I'm arguing with my boyfriend, or could this be something real? I'd be interested to see what all of you think. Keep in mind that I don't want to be 'fat and happy' because I don't want to be fat; but I also don't want to be 'thin and unpleasant'!

Thoughts are always welcome!

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You might want to make really sure you're getting all your nutritional needs met, such as not too few carbs, protein, fat, and vitamins and minerals that you need. Make sure you're not eating too few calories. Being hungry is a sure way to sour anyone's mood. Also see if there's any emotional baggage you need to deal with. If you dealt with it by eating previously, you need another outlet, or it will just build up inside.
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Rubystars may be right about dealing with feelings through food. I used to do that until I decided to look at food as fuel, not comfort or fun. I'm still adjusting, but looking for other things to relax me or enjoy is beginning to pay off. Another consideration -- I read a report that says the amount of sugar and fat in food can be habit forming by releasing dopamine into the system. If people can find other ways of triggering that release, it can help curb the desire for food and lead to less crankyness. Good luck and happy holdays.
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nice thoughts/suggestions. Maybe it's partially just the adjustment of weaning myself off the sugar again. I tend to eat out of boredom rather than to deal with my emotions, so curbing my eating habits is just a matter of staying busy. Although I admit it's tough to watch him eat anything he wants without thinking about it while I'm weighing my food options to make sure I'm hitting a select percentage of fat/carbs/protein every day (not to mention literally weighing my food so I can control my portions).

I'm hoping it'll all get easier after christmas too. I like a routine and my day is interrupted by all kinds of unexpected or last minute things this time of year! Except for my 3:00am-ish post when I couldn't sleep, I seem to be making an effort to be nicer today. It might take a little work for now, but I'm hoping everything will even out soon enough. Some time relaxing at home with family might do me good too.

Thanks for the thoughts.
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Interesting! I cut out grains a few weeks ago and around the second week, I was on a serious roller coaster--one minute so happy and blissful, and the next minute completely impatient and pissed off. It lasted for a few days (a week?) and I feel better now, more even keel. Hope I don't have to put my family through that again!

I definitely think it's not purely psychological. What we eat can affect our hormones. Has anyone else had experience with major mood swings after a diet change?
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OMG THAT IS SO TRUE. I feel miserable when my blood sugars are low due to dieting. The only thing that might make you feel better is that once you control your carbs and stop have sugar highs, you will be a lot calmer. It could be your hormones as well
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When I first started on this journey all three of our kids, plus a few others told me I was a mean mommy. Living on a deficit is difficult in the beginning, no question about that. But then after a while you get used to it, your body is healthier and you have more energy. It's a bit of give and take. Just think about this though, did you ever notice that some of the bitchiest women you've ever met were skinny? And that pretty much every bank has a fat happy morning lady? There is a simple explaination, carb intake.
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I'm going through this now and will probably keep feeling this cranky and depressed for another couple of weeks. Knowing why it's happening (rebalancing carb intake) is cold comfort, though.
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