Addicted to food?

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OMG Hanelse I am the exact way.. I have fallen off the wagon a bit eating kinda crappy over the last few weeks but... I find the more i eat the junk the more I crave it.. when I dont eat it my cravings go from several times a day to ever 2-3 weeks... right now I am at daily and I havent worked out since last thursday... not good at all

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Good riddance to the processed foods. Just one bite is an invitation to addictive qualities.

Natural foods don't have these addictive qualities.

For over two years I've been abstaining. The few times I've lapsed, I find the next day, or day after (oddly at the same time of day), I crave the same. So, a good trick I have to avoiding those cravings is to either change my location at the time of day I expect to have those cravings, or change what I’m doing significantly at that time of the day. And generally, to avoid cravings and keep on plan, I always ensure I eat meals of healthy foods that leave me full and satisfied. I've got little willpower when I'm physically hungry.

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I also think 1200kcal might not be enought (even tought I don't eat even that...). Junk food is really temptating, but there is so many healty options on a market these days And if you're at home... it's easy to make healty pizza and stuff like that by yourself. And if you're going out just google name of the place - sometimes you will find a list about food calories and stuff like that. It's also easier take healty option if you deside it before you even go to the store.
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u need to keep away from the kitchen, i pack my whole days food allowance the night before
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