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Old 12-05-2011, 05:20 AM   #241
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Tori, excellent week I would say, 4 pounds down is more than great!

Darlene, so nice you had a great day and I am so sorry about your lab, glad he is doing better today.

Mike, 7 pounds! WOW! I think Mern and Pam already gave you solid advice, as long as you are truthful then you won't have anything to regret later with your friend. Take care of yourself so you don't develop a full blown cold.

Mern, excellent week! And you have great reasons for being motivated!

Pam, great week for you! Hope the scale shows you what you want to see tomorrow.

Joanna, you finished your week in a good way! You will figure this out soon.
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Old 12-05-2011, 06:44 AM   #242
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Darlene, that's great news about your doggie. At his age he may not be a puppy again, but it is obvious he is loved and returns the love. 90 year old men have their charm too . We had 3 kitties make to 18, 19 &20 and they were soooo cute in their own little feeble ways.

Final report:

Diet & Fitness
1.) 80oz water (coffee, tea, propel, etc don't count)
M=Y, T=Y, W=Y, Th=Y F=N (close, but not quite), S=N (kinda forgot), Su=N (not sure actually)
2.) Carbs less than 30%
M=N (33%), T=N (40%)W=Y (30%), Th=Y (30%) F=N/Y (31%), S=N/Y (32%)Su=Y (30%)
3.) Protein @ 90g M=N (78g), T=Y (116) W=N (76g)Th=Y (109g), F=Y (125g), S=Y (94g), Su=N (58g)
4.) 1 (or less) glass of beer or wine w/dinner
M=N(3). T=N (2), W=N(2), Th=Y (a very large glass, but still only 1), F=N (1 beer, 2 wine), S=N(a lovely syrah!),Su=N (OK we’ll work on this next week
5.) 2 servings of fruit per day M=Y, T=Y W=N (1), Th=Y F=Y, S=N (1), Su=Y
6.) No white foods
M=Y, T=Y, W=Y, Th=Y, F=N (twice cooked potatoes) S=Y, Su=Y
7.) 2 yoga, 2 X-fit, (possible race on Sunday)
M=rest day, T=Y (crossfit), W=Y (yoga) Th=Y (crossfit), F=Y (yoga), no race too many items of the todo list

Work & Home:
8.) Finish booking Feb X-C train trip
M=Y train from LA to Montana, 3days ski, train back. Can’t wait!
9.) Get rat exterminator estimate
M=Y (yikes…expensive), T+=Y signed papers (kitties are on strike, won’t do their job), Starts Tuesday
10.) Finish presents for east coast relatives,
S=Y , just waiting for the packages to arrive Yeah!
11.) Chip tree branches
S=Y, but trimmed a few more to be chipped today
12.) Wash patio windows
S=N not yet, hopefully on Sunday, Su=N didn’t get to this one
13.) Get decorations down and up
T=Y (down out of the garage rafters), Th=Y (about half way done) N=Y (need to pick-up a few things, but it is looking very festive), Su=Y pretty much finished
14.) Start cleaning out the garage rafters. T=Y well started, S=N probably will get some done on Sunday, Su=Y 5 items for discard, donation, or relocation
15.) Offer gratitude every morning. M=all is well in my world, T=N just forgot, W=Y, Th=Y F= N (too much of a hurry), S=Y you bet woke up with a snuggly kitty and a sunny day, Su=Y

Looks like it has been a pretty good week for many. For folks that are less than satisfied, and caught up in the details of life... good news! tomorrow starts a whole new week. See you on the new one!
5'4" 55yr

2.5 years, 45 pounds later... 128ish pounds
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Old 12-05-2011, 03:51 PM   #243
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Default Week in Review

Health / Fitness Goals ...
1. 100 oz water daily M: Yes (already!), T: Yes (120oz), W: Yes, Th: Yes, F: Yes, S: No, S: No
2. walk on lunch min 1-1/2 miles M: 1-1/2miles, T: raining, W: 1/2mile (40degrees and raining), Th: 1-3/4miles, F: No
3. workout 4 times from weds - sun W: 1hr, Th: 1hr 5min, F: day off, S: 1hr 10min, S: NoTotal time - 3hrs 15 min
4. allow one day to buy dessert to eat with lunch (strawberries over angel food cake) M: didn't buy, T: not ordering, W: didn't order, Th: didn't order, F: ordering!! Yum! .... hmmmm why am I so excited over a semi-healthy dessert?
5. No added salt M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yes, F: Yes, S: Yes, S: Yes
6. Limit one diet soda daily M: 1-1/2 cans, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yes, F: Yes, S: Yes, S: Yes
7. Log in and report all 7 days M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yes, F: Yes, S: No, S: No
8. Weight and post weight M: 274.4, T: 274.6, W: 275.4, Th: 276.4, F: 275.4, S: 273.8, S: 271.2 Weekly total: -3.2lb

Life Goals ...
1. Water Christmas tree M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: forgot,
2. Do paperwork daily at work M: Yes, T: Yes, W: Yes, Th: Yes, F: Yes
3. File home paperwork M: Nope, T: No, W: Nope, Th: nope, F: No, S: No, S: Yes
April - 35yr 5'10" mom of two teen boys

331.2 lbs 02.21.11 (start) size 28W-30W jeans
229.2 lbs 08.06.12 (best so far) size 16W
263.4 lbs 03.03.14 (current)

Progress 67.8 lbs - 20% of my original weight

New Collage April 2012

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a newdream. ... CS Lewis
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Old 08-09-2012, 08:55 AM   #244
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Hi everyone I am back! Had Baby#2 on July 5th...a boy this time...and looking forward to chatting with everyone daily again to stay motivated and get back into the swing of things.

Goals for this week:

- Work out at least 3 times
- Minimal carbs and stick with protein and lots of veggies
- Drink lots of water
- Lose another 10 pounds before I go back to work so I can at least fit into my "Fat" clothes and have pants to wear!!


Started AGAIN after Baby #2: 8/1/2012
Height: 5' 6"
Starting weight: 180 lbs
Current : 153
Lbs Lost: 25
Lbs Until 1st Goal Met: Success!!
Lbs Until 2nd Goal Met: Success!!
Lbs Until 3rd Goal Met: 3

Goal #1 165 by 9/17/12 - First Day back at work
Goal #2: 155 by 10/17/12
- Daughter's B-Day
Goal #3: 150 by 4/15/13
Goal #4 - 145 by 6/1/13
Goal #5 - 140 by 7/1/13
Goal #5 - Ultimate Goal - 135 for Life!!
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