What do you love?

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I second that farah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the best help ive ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is so supportive- thankyou everyone
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Wow. I am new here and I am trying to get myself in the right frame of mind to actually focus.

I used to visit another forum where we posted weekly "goals & grats".... we started small since it is so easy to feel overwhelmed.

What do I LOVE?

I love my job
I love my dog
I love my husband
I love my teeth (I had better love them since they cost more than my car)
I love good quality shoes
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I love this post so much that I think it should be bumped up!
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and i do too, so here it goes!!!!
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Wow, Ladies, this is a wonderful thread! Thanks to all of you, for taking the time to write down what you love about yourselves. Sometimes it is hard for us women to celebrate our own qualities when we are so busy making everyone around us happy. This is a valuable lesson in self acceptance. I have been beating myself up so much these past few months, I'm so glad I stumbled upon this thread. You are all wonderful!

So here it goes:

I love my talent for telling a good story.
I love how amazing my memory is.
I love how caring I am and how I discovered this past year and a half, what a great caregiver I can be.
I love how I made my dad laugh while he was fighting a terminal illness.
I love how, after 43 years of marriage, my parents were best friends and totally dedicated to each other, setting an amazing example for my sister and me.
I love my very curly hair.
I love my full lips.
I love that my dog is 13 and is in great shape because I took such good care of him.
I love how kind my dog is to children because I am a great dog trainer.
I love how creative I am.
I love how good I am at my job and how, as a freelancer, I am always working.
I love how much I love my home and how beautifully I decorated it.
I love how great a cook I am and how much people enjoy the food I prepare lovingly for them.
I love my decision to adopt a child.
I love how funny I am.
I love my long eyelashes.
I love how loyal a friend I am.
I love how much time in my life I spend laughing.

and finally...

I love how lucky I am to have found this forum, because I decided to do something healthy for myself!

Thanks again Everyone! Have an amazing day!

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Let's try this again.

I love that I'm such an activist when there is a cause that touches me.
I love that I am mentally/emotionally strong when others are falling apart.
I love my passion for life.
I love my laugh.
I love that I have a job that helps people.
I love the way my husband has been looking at me lately.
I love that I control my destiny.
I love that I feel healthier than ever before.
I love my eyes.

Thanks for this thread...needed this today.
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i think this thread needs to be bumped up to. anyone else agrees?
i love my new hot body!!!!!!!
and the fact that i'm within my healthy weight range!
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Well . . . I just signed up today. I have a long road to go, but I am setting reasonable goals that I can do if I push myself.

I love that I am ready for my body to change.
I love my supportive family and friends.

Here I go!
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Wow...it was interesting to see this again. Earlier I was really struggling with it and didn't much "love" anything. What a 180! Right now, I love a lot. Mostly, I love how strong I feel!

Keep going, keep going, keep going. Celebrate the small successes, because one day they all sneak up on you and you realize that you have made a really big difference after all .
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I saw this thread yesterday for the first time, and honestly could not think of one thing I loved about myself. I am in the process of losing my job, and I realized I've been really, really negative recently about everything. The only way to turn things around is to start small and build from there - right?
I love that my body has always been healthier than most.
I love that I don't have to take any med's on a regular basis.
I love that even though I've given birth twice I do not have stretch marks.
I love my thin waist.
I love my calves.
I love that my children are happy and well-adjusted, despite coming from a single-parent home.
I love the fact that I've been frugal and saved some money for emergencies, because I'm facing financial emergency.
Forcing myself to think of these things has been therapeutic. It's a good challenge for all of us!
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